We’re living in a day and age where virtual workouts are the norm now. While some are comfortable going back in the gyms, many are not, which is why livestreamed and on-demand workouts are coming in really handy right about now. To make things a little easier on you, we’ve added a “Virtual” tag so you can now search through by classes or studios to see what virtual classes are available to be booked through StudioHop. So grab your mat, your laptop/iPad, whatever weights or items that can be used as weights and let’s get sweaty!

Here are some of our favorite virtual classes you can take right now:

-Virtual Open-Flow at The Mat Yoga Studio

-Virtual Total Body Fitness at Elevate Fitness

-Livestream Sculpt45 at Class Studios Preston Center

-Livestream: Cardio Dance Session with Earl & Dominique at Jam Box Fitness

-Livestream Express Class at Bar Method Park Cities

-Classic at Pure Barre Preston Hollow

-& so many more!

To search all virtual classes through a web browser:

1. Go to www.studiohopfitness.com/classes

2. Click the “Activities” drop-down

3. Select Virtual

OR to search all studios that currently offer virtual classes:

1. Go to www.studiohopfitness.com/studios

2. Click the “Activities” drop-down

3. Select Virtual