The winter blues are real…we’re wearing our leggings all the time, but not necessarily for the sake of making it easier to motivate ourselves to workout. The need for stretchy pants is REAL and our jeans are staying tucked back in our closet for er, just a little bit longer. Motivating ourselves gets harder and harder, yummy treats abound and it’s more difficult to pull ourselves out of bed.

Keeping the motivation strong during winter is TOUGH. We’re feeling groggy and know we can’t be alone. Here are a few tips for winter wellness:

Stay social
It’s tempting to stay home, bake cookies and watch a movie on your couch. Try to make plans for at least a few nights a week. Spread them out so that you get time to yourself, but you give yourself dates to keep looking forward to.

Don’t skimp out on sleep
We get it. It’s easy to stay up and binge watch your favorite TV show. Don’t sacrifice your sleep because of social activities OR your silly habits. Sleep will keep you more motivated to accomplish those goals you’re still trying to hit.

There’s no better time to purge all that junk than now! Get rid of all the unwanted and unworn items in your place before the start of a new year. You’ll feel better and plenty of charities are in need of items this time of year.

Get moving
Don’t sacrifice your workouts because you’re too busy or tired. Keep them scheduled, grab a buddy to help keep you accountable and get going.