Rose Fitzgerald with T-We founder and tea sommelier, Christopher.
Rose Fitzgerald with T-We founder and tea sommelier, Christopher.

1. What are 5 things that are always in your fridge and why? 

I always keep my fridge stocked with Tribal Juice – Chief is my favorite flavor. With my busy schedule, it is difficult to squeeze in enough veggies, so I love to grab a green juice. It’s a quick, delicious way to “make good choices” and is way easier than whipping out my juicer. We sell Tribal Juice at the studio, so I always have them available in the fridge both at home and at work. I’ve discovered that when I have a green juice, I’m less likely to crave something unhealthy!

I also love to make smoothies with fresh fruit, spinach, and whey powder, and I can’t get enough Cholula!

Tribal Juice

2. Where were you born? 

I was born in Beckley, WV and raised in Kentucky. Although I’m not a native Texan, Dallas definitely feels like home now. I’ve found my people!

3. Tell us something that no one would believe about you.

I am obsessed with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I’m currently spending my Monday nights cheering on our hometown hero JoJo as she searches for love, and can’t get enough of the snarky recaps on the blog I Hate Green Beans.


4. Your favorite way to relax at the end of the day is?

I love to unwind with a warm bath and Epsom salts, or a big mug of our T-WE Cougar Tranquilizer tea – it is a delicious herbal blend with lots of great, de-stressing ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and valerian root.

5. Outside of your own studio, what’s another workout you love to do? 

My friends and I like to combine exercise and girl-talk by walking together on the Katy Trail. It’s a healthier alternative to happy hour!

6. What is something that is ALWAYS in your purse? 

I always have my phone so that I can stay plugged in when I’m away from the studio. I also love to have a great aromatherapy spray on hand for a little dose of on-the-go pampering. Right now, I’m carrying Frankie & Myrrh’s Purple People Pleaser. Lavender is always a good idea!


7. What celebrity would play you in a movie?  

Julianne Moore, ideally!

8. What’s your go-to healthy meal?

I could eat scrambled egg whites with mushrooms, spinach, green onions, and feta at any time of the day. I keep the ingredients in the fridge at all times, and top my scramble with fresh pico, sliced avocados, and Cholula. Delicious!

9. Coffee or tea? 

Both! My morning go-to is T-WE’s Soggy Morning Brekkie tea, which is a black tea blend with coffee beans in it for a little extra kick!


10. What’s your favorite moment so far being a studio owner?  

We have been so lucky to be fully embraced by the Lowest Greenville community, and I’ve loved getting to know our neighbors over yoga and tea. I loved having all the tattooed tough guys of Greenville in the studio last November practicing yoga to raise awareness for men’s health as part of Movember.

Are you ready to hop on over to see what Plum Yoga is all about? If the owner is this awesome, just it’s safe to say her studio follows suit! #hoptoit