Member Spotlight- Caitlin Hatch

1. Favorite studio currently:  Ignite Fitnez and cropped-pya_logo

2. Most used emoji: smirking-face

3. Typical Fro-yo toppings: strawberries, chocolate chips, blackberries, whipped cream 🙂

4. What’s your go-to health food store (Whole Foods, Central Market, Trader Joes or a hidden gem?): Trader Joes for snacks, Whole Foods for atmosphere

5. Your typical Starbucks order: Iced Americano

6. One store you couldn’t live without: Madewell, H&M, Zara

7. Spinach, coconut water, Coconut La Croix, yum … is always in your fridge.

8. Best local spot: Cenote, Kome, Juiceland, Sa-Ten, Mother’s Cafe

9. Favorite song currently: SORRY- Beyonce


10. You splurge on … food!

11. Essential summer items: swimsuit, good book, sunglasses

12. Something on today’s to do list: Go to Bunz n Gunz at 6 at Ignite Fitnez!

13. Never leave the house without: sunglasses and phone

14. Your next Wanderlust moment: I’m going to Spain and Germany this summer with my boyfriend for 2 weeks

15. Most likely show found on your DVR: Broad City, Girls, Inside Amy Schumer

Broad City

16. Philanthropy you are passionate about: Helping Hand Home for Children. I’m a volunteer bed-time reader and it is a very special place!

17. Studio you are hopping to next: Maybe Fight Club?

18. Dream Vacation: Bali, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, so many places not enough vacation time.

19. Place you would live if you didn’t live in Austin: I would check out Portland and my best friend recently brought up moving to New Orleans, seems fun!

20. What motivates and inspires you everyday: All these lovely ladies in my workout classes

21. Best workout advice: stick with it, you will always feel better after.