Fitness Quiz

Are you the next chiseled abs star of your own fitness empire like Jillian Michaels or are you a never-want-to-workout-unless-lifting-my-wine-glass is considered exercise Amy Schumer? Take the quiz to find out! P.S. This is just for fun and not meant to be taken seriously! But if you ever want to up your fitness game, you know where to find us!

1.Which do you prefer for breakfast?

Nothing, I prefer sleep for breakfast.
Balanced plate of protein, carbs & fruit.
Anything with McMuffin in the name…
A yogurt, egg, smoothie or something small.

2.Which magazine would you purchase?

Women’s Health or Men’s Health
Bring on the trash, National Enquirer

3.Which do you prefer to do on a Saturday morning?

Wake up early for spin class.
Mimosas & Brunch & Mimosas. Did we say Mimosa?
Get a long run in followed by a yoga class.
Never get out of my PJs for 24 hours straight.

4.Which would likely be your alter-ego fitness Instagram handle?


5.In your spare time do you prefer to..

Read blogs on health & wellness trends.
Take selfies with the new snapchat filters.
I have no spare time, I am @runeatyogarepeat
I enjoy getting to know my UberEats drivers.

6.How many times a week do you exercise?

I don’t like to exercise it on days that end in ‘y’… so zero.
I try to go 2-4 times a week.
7 & I even have a stand-up desk at work to keep my abs engaged at all times.
Does climbing the stairs count?

7.My New Year’s Resolution is usually..

To get to the gym. That’s it. Just get there & see what happens. #babysteps
To not set myself up for failure by having a New Year’s Resolution.
Try to get in 1 extra workout a week.
Learn how to start my own fitness YouTube channel.

8.Have you heard of Piloxing?

Yes, I do it on the reg.
Maybe, Is it on Netflix?
Maybe, I think I saw it offered at a studio once.

9.Who are you most likely to follow on Twitter for lifestyle tips?

Amy Schumer
Matthew McConaughey
Kayla Itsines

10.Which would motivate you to workout the most?

I have a wedding to be in and I can’t go get anything altered…again
Everything. Life motivates me to workout.
A crisp $100 bill would make me do a few crunches.
Keeping my lifestyle balanced. #IWorkoutForPizza

(10-16) You’re a Jillian Michaels/ 8-Pack Ab Fitness Pro 

You’re on your way to building your 8-pack AND your fitness empire! Keep up your determination and we can’t wait to see you soon on the cover of a magazine.


(17-25) You’re a Reese Witherspoon/Chris Pratt Toned Workout Enthusiast 

While you focus on your fitness, you’re also known for going out to have a glass of wine (or beer, heck, maybe both) on a Wednesday. It’s all about #balance


(26-31) You’re a Jennifer Lawrence/Jason Segel Eating What You Want/Rocking the Dad Bod Non-Workout All-Star 

You’re one of the lucky ones. You do what you want and don’t care who knows it!


(32-40) You’re a “I’ll do whatever the opposite of healthy is” Amy Schumer/Rob Kardashian Groupie 

When it comes to fitness, you steer clear. Anyone who even mentions the words fit, exercise or kale are immediately black-listed from your friend group. Buh bye.