We’ve all been there before. You see a class online you really want to take, but you talk yourself out of it because you let your fear takeover. You walk into a new studio and feel completely out of place.

Getting out of your comfort zone and into a new studio can be difficult. No one talks about the fear that settles in before you find the ones you really love. But you can’t let fear stop you from getting in there and trying something new. You could discover an amazing new workout, meet a new friend or simply grow as a person.

We asked fitness instructors from all over for some of their best tips on how to beat studio anxiety, see their advice below:

Nicoletta Bradley of Zyn22 Fort Worth

“Bring a friend with you. Sometimes trying new workouts alone can be intimidating -especially if it’s something you’ve never done, bring a friend so you can experience it and laugh about it (if it’s hard) together! And if you don’t have a buddy to bring, don’t be scared! Confidence is KEY and everyone in the studio is your biggest fan, especially the instructors! Instructors LOVE when you come up and ask for help, or let them know it’s your first time. We are there to help and encourage. Also the front desk is there – that’s what they’re there for. Lastly, never be afraid to try something new. Fear is going to hold you back from being the best version of yourself. It’s going to lie to you saying you can’t do it. BUT YOU CAN! Know you can, and I promise you every instructor will remind you of that throughout the entire class.”

Caroline Berko of Session Pilates Dallas

“We want to set YOU up for success! Whether it’s on a bike, reformer or mat, our job is to make sure you get the most out of this hour. Nothing makes my day more than a new client coming and introducing themselves and telling me about what is going on with them – whether it be an injury I can help accommodate or simply showing them how to use the machine. Every client, every teacher, every person who has walked through the studio door was once NEW. I know for myself personally, I like to be as real and as relatable as possible with the clients so that they feel like they can approach me about anything, even when it’s not related to fitness.”

Sonya Roemisch of Younique Physique San Antonio

“Being an introvert by nature I personally make sure myself or staff goes out of their way to make clients and guests feel comfortable and walk them through the class, especially the first few times. My classes are smaller so the environment is a little less intimidating and my core group of clients go out of their way to talk to my guest or new clients, which usually helps reduce anxiety and makes them feel more comfortable.”

Jenn Johnson of FIT Austin

“I used to feel anxious trying a new activity or walking into a new studio too, I felt like I would be the only one not knowing what’s going on or what to do, but what I found is that it’s all about showing up!!! Best advice I can give is to show up because anyone who cares enough about their health and fitness to show is open to learning and growing!”