We only had 60 hours to make the most of our trip from Dallas to Austin, so we knew it would be jammed packed with workouts, meetings and delicious food! Here are the Top 6 things that the fitness guru must do when in the state’s capital!

1. Fight Club Austin. We recommend knocking out the toughest workout first (quite literally)! Austin Fight Club, located right next to the UT campus, is a motivating and intense cardio kickboxing program aimed at achieving ultimate results . Let’s be honest, we were a little intimated when we first walked in and everyone had their hands wrapped up like Mayweather. This was a whole new experience for the StudioHop Team! We definitely weren’t expecting the buckets of sweat we would be dripping nor the amount of grunts we would be making as we threw punches at the bags as hard as we could. Our instructor Doug pushed us past our physical comfort zones, but still kept us in the loop and made sure we knew what to do in the sea of class veterans. The class wasn’t just all throws and kicks. Kickboxing work was paired with kettlebells, weight lifting, and an intense abdominal and cardio circuit. Warning: this class is not for wussies. There are very few breaks – Fight Club’s objective is to keep your heart rate up and the body fat burning. We loved every moment of it and we cant wait to get the gloves back on again! Austin friends, Fight Club is just a click away for you!

Fight Club Austin
Where the magic happens at Fight Club Austin

2. Whole Foods. As if Whole Foods wasn’t already amazing enough, its headquarters in Austin on 5th and Lamar will blow your mind (but you all probably know this!). This Whole Foods is bigger and better than any other in the world. Our favorites have to be the taco bar where you can create your own tacos on touchscreens, the make-your-own stir fry bowls and the juice bar. Whole Foods, we love you, never change.

The heaven of grocery stores, Whole Foods
The heaven of grocery stores, Whole Foods

3. Blue Honey Yoga & Fitness. Become a regular and you can call yourself a honeybee! Blue Honey has quite the variety of classes to choose from all the way from boot camps to running groups to barre to yoga. We decided to try out their barre class, which is currently their most popular class. We shortly figured out why…Katie. Katie was our instructor and she was absolutely kind and uplifting–she alone is enough motivation to continue her barre classes; she is the epitome of fitspo! The music was great and the space is cute. Grab a friend and find a class and you’ll be(e) on your way to becoming a lean, mean honeybee!

The barre at Blue Honey Yoga & Fitness
The barre at Blue Honey Yoga & Fitness

4. Madam Mam’ After eating at Whole Foods almost every meal, we were ready for something a little heavier after 4 workouts in 2 days. We knew that our next-day, morning workout class would be a toughie at 7:15 AM, so we wanted to carb load to make it through. We hit up one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Madam Mam’s. When our plates hit the table we could hardly control ourselves. The portions were huge but it wasn’t stopping us from eating it all! This place is a must go. Their menu is quite the novel, but we highly recommend their Pad Thai (a classic recipe) or their Lard Na. #nom

The Pad Thai
The amazing Pad Thai

5. Studio Mantra. Studio Mantra has only been opened for a little over a month, but you would never know by the warm welcome from Amy Hogan, the studio co-owner and yoga instructor. We felt like we had been coming there for years by the way she and the other yogis treated us with warmth and excitement! We took the Slow Flow yoga class with Laura and it was absolutely relaxing and restorative. Laura lead us to link breath with our movements in a way that invited deep stretching and exploration. We would definitely take her class again and highly recommend it after a stressful day or an intense workout. Mantra even offers Pilates classes and bodywork services. Say what!? What could be better than getting your Pilates on and then getting a massage right after? Don’t miss this super colorful and zen studio—we’ll be back for a massage.

Retail section at Studio Mantra
The retail section at Studio Mantra

6. Blenders and Bowls. After super intense workouts (Austin, you killed us!), we knew our bodies needed some superfoods. After hearing nothing but good things from friends and family, we navigated over to Blenders and Bowls. Hello, acai bowl paradise. They have an excellent choice of smoothies and bowls, all from fresh produce and local honey. We instantly fell in love with the freshness and perfect level of sweetness from their O.G. bowl. The powerful punch of antioxidants was just what our tired muscles needed. If only we could teleport there each day for the best Acai bowl we have ever had…

The O.G. bowl is delish!
The O.G. bowl is delish!


We had an amazing time in Austin and truly enjoy every trip that we get to make down there. The atmosphere is absolutely inspiring and we appreciate the active lifestyle in Austin and the mission to Keep Austin Weird Fit. The studio owners we get to work with are an absolute joy and we know you will love them too!


Don’t forget to stop by our big StudioHop Austin Launch Party on September 12th from 7-9pm at Athleta at the Domain. Come celebrate with us!

StudioHop's Austin Launch Party! (2)

As always, if you ever have any suggestions on studios we need to check out, email us at info@studiohopfitness.com. We want to know what our Studio Hoppers want!