StudioHop goes to New Orleans

Monday, August 28th is a big day for us here at StudioHop. Why, you ask? Well because we’ve officially launched in our third state and seventh city! It’s time to hop in the lively, eclectic, amazing coffee, cajun food loving city of New Orleans. With so much this city already offers, we know we’ve partnered with some pretty fantastic studio partners along with some amazing local retails (Oh, yeah, we’ve got Perks – Who Dat?) to bring the Big Easy a way to enjoy MORE boutique fitness.

On that note, we’ve rounded up (though it was hard to narrow down to just 10) a list of 10 reasons why we fell hard for the Big Easy.


1.The fitness studios don’t lack personality.

Take Nola Yoga Loft for example. Open the door off Magazine Street, walk up a narrow steep staircase and you’re in a charming living room-esque space ready for zen-ing out. There’s even a balcony for views and kitchen for Vinyasa & Vino nights and healthy events and workshops.

Check out our full NOLA studio list HERE.

2.The coffee.

Nola Beans Coffee

The day has not begun until we’ve had a cup of coffee. And we mean good coffee. The Big Friendly has no shortage of tasty beans—our favorite is the local Revelator Coffee Company, but we’ve loved stopping by Cherry Espresso Bar, HiVolt and Nola Beans in Lakeview.

3.To be a part of Nola’s growing health and fitness community.

We have loved getting to know you, New Orleans, and we are excited to meet even more of you and help get more people fit and healthy. Varying your workout and trying new exercise routines across the city will not only be good for your body, but you’ll also get the opportunity to fall in love with a new healthy obsession: maybe spin, maybe Pilates, maybe TRX. Who knows!

4.Trendy healthy eats.

Poke Bowl NOLA

We’re lookin’ at you Poke Loa (and The Daily Beet and City Greens…and more). We have enjoyed many bowls at Poke Loa and think it’s the perfect post workout fuel. We’re also big fans of the acai bowl at The Daily Beet and a hearty make-your-own salad bowl with extra avo at City Greens.

5.Local booch.

NOLA Kombucha

Another sign Nola is not just a party hardy city: their very own local kombucha. We’re obsessed with this Big Easy Bucha “Geaux Green” flavor. We’ve seen them in a few spots—Poke Loa is where we picked this little guy up.

6.Art everywhere.

We can really appreciate local artists. There are shops everywhere filled with paintings and art work of all kinds. We’re not-so-secretly in love with Ashley Longshore art. Take a gander at her stuff—unexpected and packs a punch.

7.It’s not hard to find a spot to treat yoself.

Pick your poison. Yours may be a cocktail, ours is baked goods, and our current fave is La Boulangerie. Iced almond milk latte with a size of the best and biggest chocolate chip cookie of all time. After all those calories burned at the studio, you earned it.

8.The quality of restaurants.

We can’t get enough of Shaya. The interior is fun and trendy and the food was spot on. We started with the curried cauliflower hummus (OMG), crispy halloumi and our main dish was the slow cooked lamb with whipped feta, walnut and stone fruit tabbouleh. We’re still dreaming about it.

9.We have an excuse to go to Mardi Gras.

You knew it was coming, and sorry for being #basic but we like to have a good time too! The parade, the beads, the festive drinks. We’ll take it all.

10.Vibrant Colors.

You can’t walk around Nola and not be inspired. It’s impossible. We love all the fun colors that adorn the shops and streets all around New Orleans—hanging beads included.