We’re going to keep the momentum going this summer with another new city announcement! We are opening in our third state, Louisiana! New Orleans, Who Dat! (Yes, we just learned that this is a local chant and that’s all the more reason to love Nola).

We’re set launch in New Orleans on August 28th, 2017 and we are already so excited. Bring on the beads, beignets, fried Alligator, local coffee spots, oh, and of course all the amazing fitness studios!

Mark your calendars for August 28th! We will GO LIVE in Nola that day and you will be able to start booking classes with all our partner studios. Until then, if you find yourself wanting to ask us, “Where y’at” be sure to stay in the loop by signing up for our New Orleans StudioHop Newsletter. Everyone who signs up will get a special sneak peek of our studio list AND a special sign-up deal. Don’t miss out on all the fun!