Hey 2019,

We are ready. We’re saying goodbye to 2018 and moving forward with the lessons we learned. We’re thankful for the past, but we are not looming on it. We are stepping into this new year with excitement about what is waiting for us.

2019 is going to be full of challenges, excitement, changes, ups, downs and everything in between. We’re making it our mission to be courageous. To accept everything as it comes and see them as opportunities, not obstacles. Why limit ourselves?

As we jump into the new year, we want to focus on treating ourselves with kindness. We need to rest as much as we are training hard. The kindness we show others we also deserve to show ourselves. It’s not selfish to spend time taking care of yourself. 2019, we plan on making you a year where WE become a priority.

We are letting go of regrets and embracing uncomfortable. Uncomfortable means growth and come the end of this year, we don’t want to be the same. So, let’s do this with wide open arms and a big HECK YES.

SO stoked you’re here, 2019.