What do you do? I am a Director at Session Pilates where I teach group reformer classes. I also have taught spin.

If you set goals/intentions, what are yours right now? Trust the process, find stillness, and value rest and recovery. As I just mentioned I can get carried away with being a busy body.

How did you first get into fitness? I taught dance all through high school and college. When I decided to move back to Dallas after I graduated, the director of my high school drill team (Southlake Carroll Emerald Belles) reached out to me when they decided to open Zyn22. I took one class and was hooked. It started as a part-time job, and it quickly turned into my full time job!

What’s the best health/wellness advice you’ve ever received that has actually helped? Eat healthy fats. Like REALLY eat a lot of healthy fats. I put a good quality olive oil on almost anything I possibly can. It makes such a difference in how my body feels.

What’s your favorite workout to do when you’re not teaching? I love to dance. It was my first passion. I danced professionally for the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blues team. So whenever I can get into a hiphop class, I’m there! There’s no other full body workout like dancing. I always wake up so sore the next day if it’s been a while.

What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify (or iTunes, Pandora, etc.)? There’s a 90s hiphop playlist on Spotify (I Love My 90’s Hip-Hop) that I love to jam out to in the car.

Best thing in your fridge right now? A chicken soup I made from the Pioneer Woman’s recipe. Well let’s be real, there is also a bottle of Veuve in there, so it’s a toss up.

Go-to pre or post-workout snack? Coffee. I drink way too much coffee.

Go-to morning beverage(s)? Coffee. Seriously though, I drink way too much coffee!

Favorite splurge meal/dessert? A good old fashioned bacon cheeseburger and vanilla milkshake.

Where do you get your health/wellness information? Podcasts (almost30, The Skinny Confidential, That’s So Retrograde, MindBodyGreen), books (Body Love by Kelly Leveque changed the way I eat), Instagram (lots of Pilates accounts), and of course the internet.

If this wasn’t your job, what would be your job? Dream jobs – dance for Beyoncé or become a huge DJ! Realistically –  I think interior design or some kind of real estate. I was a technology consultant before going fitness full time, but I don’t think I would go back to that.

Favorite way to unwind after a long day/week? Epsom salt bath. Maybe a glass of wine. A few candles burning. Works wonders for sore muscles! I also love to watch some Vanderpump Rules/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Southern Charm – the kind of TV that’s mindless to watch.