Her step into the Pilates world at Beyond Studios began only because of a knee surgery, but captivated her enough to stay. She now owns both locations in Dallas (Beyond Pilates and Beyond500) where she also teaches. You may be surprised to find out what her degree is in, though; keep reading to find out!

What is your WHY? Why do you teach and what was your journey to get into the position you are now with Beyond?

My why is to share my passion for Pilates and how it can transform you. I first found Pilates after my first knee surgery as a way to allow me to be able to run again. A few years later when I had my second surgery BEYOND opened as I was recovering and it reignited my passion for Pilates. I was constantly inspired by the instructors there and decided to pursue a Comprehensive Certification through Balanced Body, and eventually my Pilates Method Alliance Certification, to start teaching Pilates. I moved away for a few years with the dream of opening my own BEYOND location in DC but when the opportunity arose to move back home and own the original 2 locations here in Dallas I knew I had to jump at the chance!

How did you first get into fitness?

I was always an active kid, most of my childhood was spent in dance class, swim practice or any other sport out there. When I got to high school I joined the cross country team and have loved running since. I fell into Pilates when recovering from my first knee surgery and since then have taken probably every type of fitness method out there to learn and absorb as much information as I can!

What’s the best health/wellness advice you’ve ever received that has actually helped?

Listen to your body, if you feel like going out there and running or taking a yoga class do it. But if you feel spent or just not quite right take a rest day and don’t beat yourself up about it!

What’s your favorite workout to do when you’re not teaching?

Depending on how my body is feeling (my beat up knees get to decide) either run, spin or WeYogis!

What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify (or iTunes, Pandora, etc.)?

Happier by Bastille & Marshmello

Best thing in your fridge right now?

Topo Chico! So glad to be back where I can easily find it

Go-to pre or post-workout snack?

Apples & Almond Butter or Hard Boiled eggs with TJ’s everything but the bagel seasoning

Go-to morning beverage(s)?

All the coffee with Nutpods & Vital Proteins

Favorite splurge meal/dessert?

Anything from Mi Cocina

Where do you get your health/wellness information? (blog, website, podcast, etc.)

Everywhere! From instructors on Instagram to journals written about the newest studies I am constantly absorbing information!

If this wasn’t your job, what would be your job?

I studied International Politics with a focus on Middle Eastern Relations so working for the State Department would be my backup!

Favorite way to unwind after a long day/week?

A long bath with Epsom salts + face mask followed by an episode of NCIS (I have the viewing habits of a 70 year old).