A power yoga instructor for nearly ten years, Keri Edwardes loves her job as an instructor at SALT in Tulsa, OK. She’s a firm believer in a strong body leading to a strong mind and loves to see the way a class transforms a class. Keep reading for more on this ultimate yogi.

What is your WHY? Why do you teach?

My “why” is because it comes naturally to me and getting to do what I love doesn’t seem like work at all. Every day I’m so grateful I get to do something that is completely authentic and just an extension of me, rather than something forced to pay the bills. Being in such a positive environment and watching people feel good is as good as it gets. Seeing people come to class with stress, heartache, and daily life struggles leave class feeling healthy and hopeful is the best.

How did you first get into fitness?

I’ve been into fitness as long as I can remember. I remember being in third grade loving the “physical fitness tests”: gymnastics, dance, jump rope, soccer, all of it. My first fitness class was to an old Jane Fonda VCR tape in my family living room. It’s always been a part of me. My first yoga experience, again, was at home with a TV show called “Inhale” by Steve Ross, in my bedroom. I had two small children and I would go for a quick 2 mile run then yoga at home with my babies and cats crawling all around me.

What’s the best health/wellness advice you’ve ever received that has actually helped?

An hour a day is worth being fit and healthy, mentally and physically for your whole life. You can do anything for an hour.

What’s your favorite workout to do when you’re not teaching?

To be perfectly honest, I teach so much that I do very little working out in my down time. I really value the rest and quiet time. But, since you asked, I do still like a quick run and lifting.

What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify (or iTunes, Pandora, etc.)?

“Possibility” by Lykke Li, during savasana.

Best thing in your fridge right now?

Hang on, let me go check it out………in my fridge, hazelnut creamer for my coffee (don’t worry, there are tons of fruits and veggies in there too, I just went grocery shopping yesterday). In my freezer, I just bought these YUMMY chocolate covered coconut popsicles. I’m already worried about them discontinuing them.

Go-to pre or post-workout snack?

Homemade hummus and tomatoes, or coconut yogurt with walnuts. Sounds like I have a thing for coconut.

Go-to morning beverage(s)?

Madaglia D’Oro instant espresso and the above mentioned hazelnut creamer. Then I usually chase it with a big green smoothie on the way to class.

Favorite splurge meal/dessert?

Cheese pizza, without a doubt. There is the place called Mario’s Pizza by my house that I adore, but they have weird hours and I always miss them. Crushes me every time.

Where do you get your health/wellness information? (blog, website, podcast, etc.)

From my brain. I know what to do and what works for me. I try to eat mainly fruits and veggies. I try to keep my fridge as colorful as possible.

If this wasn’t your job, what would be your job?

That’s a really good question and one I have pondered. I would start with the things I love: cooking, dancing, music, babies, California, gardening, and hopefully helping others in any way I can. I would do whatever I had to do to take care of my daughters, but I pray it is never sitting at a desk all day. I would rather end my day totally physically exhausted than having sat all day.

Favorite way to unwind after a long day/week?

Pookie, Ia, Pete, Effie and a glass of wine. I go to bed EARLY!