Welcome back to our Instructor Profile series!  Today we’re highlighting the Pilates badass at Classic Pilates, Raven Ross.  She’s stunning, she’s kind and she’s got a killer workout waiting for you.  We popped into the studio on a rainy morning right before one of her classes.  Talking with her felt like catching up with one of your best friends, easy and fun.  Having an instructor that seems like an extension of your own group makes getting up early for a class that much easier.

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Her path to teaching kind of fell into place seamlessly.  Raven spent her whole life dancing and moved here from New Orleans (shoutout to all of our NOLA Hoppers!) to attend SMU where she got a double major in Dance and Political Science.  She attended countless ballet camps where Pilates classes were just part of the schedule.  She began attending different pilates studios around campus to keep up the practice.  After taking a class on campus, she was asked to start teaching at Classic Pilates.  And just like that, her instructing career began.

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What is the one thing you want your clients to know most?

I always tell them that in 10 years you’ll thank me, you really hate me right now and it really sucks, but in 10 years your body is going to be so much better.  Joseph Pilates always said, ‘You’re only as young as your spine.’

What is your favorite workout to do outside of your class?

I do a lot of workouts.  Dance really showed me the importance of cross training.  Pilates is my foundation and I workout twice a week with a trainer.  So I’m really getting into weight lifting, which is something I never did until after college.  It’s a really big commitment, but working with someone individually keeps me accountable.

What’s the last thing you listened to?

Taylor Swift’s new song.  I have no idea what she’s talking about, but the beat is so good! That’s kind of embarrassing… (haha!)

In your opinion, what is the key to seeing change in your body?

It’s all about changing things up!  Doing different workouts has given me both mental and physical strength.  Recently, I started a 100 day challenge, where I have to workout 100 days in a row, I’m on day 37.

Are you a fan of supplements and vitamins?

Yeah! I personally am a vegetarian, so I do a lot of vegan proteins and plant based vitamins.  But I’ve never been good at taking my vitamins in the morning, so I like to put all my vitamins in my blender cups and have a week of shakes ready to be blended in the fridge.  It’s the only thing I can commit to at the moment.

What else is in your fridge right now?

I’m definitely addicted to veggie burgers.  It’s a joke with everyone who knows me, that I have about 10 veggie burgers a day.  I’ve probably tried every single brand in the grocery stores.  I have them every single day!

Do you have a favorite?

Of course.  I really love Beyond Meat products.  All of their chicken and all of their burgers are so good – and they’re completely vegan, they’re made out of pea protein.  You can find them at Whole Foods.

Go to snack/beverage?

Peanut butter.  I mean, if I could carry around veggie burgers in my purse everyday, I would. But I love snacking on peanut butter, I’m so addicted. Kombucha is my go-to beverage.  I want to start making it myself.

Whats your favorite thing to splurge on?

Sprinkles Cupcakes, 1000 percent.  I can’t even drive past it, because I’ll have to stop.  I really like their Vegan Red Velvet cupcake.

Favorite way to unwind after a long week?

Massages definitely.  I get one once a week.  I get a fascial massage, and it is so good.  The first time I ever got it, I was warned that it could make me emotional and I totally didn’t think that it would, but I went home and sobbed, it was so funny.  It was the craziest experience ever.  My mind is so clear afterward!

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