Fitness instructor sitting on a bench

One of the best parts of being able to hop from studio to studio is the ability to meet so many great instructors. We find a LOT of motivation in these people, and they push us to be the best versions of ourselves, which is why we’re starting a new series highlighting some in our communities.  First up, we’re talking with Allen Finley at Edge Group Fitness.  Allen grew up in the fitness world, having played multiple sports in high school and also in college.  He graduated with a degree in kinesiology and applied it to the gym.  Allen has spent the last two years leading the team at Edge Group Fitness helping each client reach their individual fitness goals with his extensive knowledge of the human body.  After several tough workouts with Allen, we were eager to pick his brain:

What is your favorite part about being an instructor?

Honestly, over the last year and a half almost two years, it’s been the people.  Being able to meeting the people, being able to work with people.  Not only helping people work toward their individual fitness goals, but actually seeing the change is the most motiving part for me.  It starts to become less and less like work and more like I’m coaching my friends.

What is the best piece of fitness information you’ve received that you want your clients to know?

What I really value is consciousness.  That also goes along with technique.  When you start to actually think about movements and techniques, opposed to just going through the motions without thinking about it, you take away a lot more from those exercises.

How to do a pull up

What’s your favorite workout when you’re not instructing?

Ive always been a chest guy.  I know that sounds so bro, but I love pushing up big weight, like a dumbbell press is my all time favorite exercise.  So weightlifting in general but I also love running.  So I love to switch it up between those.

What song gets you pumped up right now?

I had a feeling y’all were going to ask me this.  I love music, especially house music.  One of my favorite songs right now is by Nightmare and DJ Snake, and it’s called ‘Here Comes the Night.’  It’s and awesome song.

How do you fuel yourself?

I eat a lot of meat.  I also eat a lot of eggs in the morning.  If I don’t eat eggs, I substitute with oats or something, usually steel cut mixed with flax and a little bit of peanut butter just to kick up the calorie intake for the day.  Lunch consists of a spinach based salad with chicken, if I have it.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely will splurge every now and then, but normally a protein and green each day.  If I splurge it would be, cheeseburgers and tacos… I could have tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What’s your favorite way to unwind?

This is going to sound bad, but I’m a big bourbon guy.  A glass of bourbon on the rocks goes a long way with me.

Fitness instructor doing a pull up

Allen teaches morning and evening classes each day, so be sure to book a class if you haven’t gotten there yet!