It’s no secret around here that we love to treat ourselves. Life shouldn’t be all work and no play, which is one of the reasons we created our perks. You have to take the time to reward yourself for the effort, time and dedication you put into training hard!

There are so many ways to treat yourself, relax and recover, so we wanted to share how we typically use our perks and encourage you all to dive into what is offered!

DALLAS: We will never try to hide our love for acai bowls and Serve is one of our favorite places in Dallas to stop in for one. With an emphasis on slowing down, Serve will not only help you feel instantly de-stressed once you walk in, but their menu will make you squeal.

TULSA: The unique “Yin Yang” roll at In the Raw Sushi has won our hearts over because sometimes you need that guilty indulgence, but want to mix some healthiness in at the same time. You sushi lovers will go crazy over this one!

NEW ORLEANS: After sweating it out, The Daily Beet is one of our favorite stops in New Orleans to refuel. This vegetarian restaurant serves grain bowls, juices, salads and they are all out-of-this-world GOOD. We love the beet party toast and skinny green smoothie.


FORT WORTH: Is it clear we like food yet? You gotta treat yourself right, friends! Righteous Foods became a fast favorite for us when we saw they’re all about maintaining balance just like we are. They’re clan, tasty and healthy. Our favorite sweet treat is the coconut black rice.

SAN ANTONIO: For ultimate rest and pain relief, iSofloat is your place to go. Flotation therapy is an anti-gravity environment that allows your body’s joints and ligaments to filly stretch by way of Epson saltwater. You’ll be awed by how truly relaxing this experience is.

AUSTIN: With all the hustle and bustle happening, it’s hard to find time to feed yourself right. With Prep to Your Door, you get new ingredients from local Texas farms delivered right to your doorstep. Not to mention, every meal is 100% organic, gluten-free and plant-based, and it’s also all very Instagrammable.

OKLAHOMA CITY: We know one area we always lack in is stretching. We love to treat ourselves by visiting Stretch U OKC because it forces us to stretch out muscles when we wouldn’t otherwise. Plus, the act of having someone do this for us makes it so that we can’t rush through it. Win-win.