The holidays are approaching and you need some ideas for your wish list, or ideas for your fitness-obsessed friends and family. We’ve got you. After 5+ years of hopping around boutique fitness studios, you can take a peek into our car and see what you need, but this is the new and improved list of what you need to successfully studio hop.

A quality yoga mat. You know, one of those mats where you will feel protected from the hard floors below you, and one you won’t slip off when things get sweaty. We love a good Manduka Pro mat like this one. If your current mat is fading, has holes in it from your toenails or is so thin you can see through it, it’s time to snag a new one.

Fun water bottle. We love Hydroflask with the sport cap to make it easy to grab during an intense spin class. There’s nothing worse than having to unscrew a lid during spin class or have to sit there cross-legged making that squeaky noise opening up a lid during yoga class when it’s time for silence. Oh, you know what we’re talking about. There are so many sizes and colors, so choose one that will inspire you to get yourself to your next class.

Spin shoes that you can walk outdoors in. Like these.

Sneakers that will get you from dance to HIIT and everything in between. There are so many options these days, but we love all the fashionable options at Bandier.

These clean exfoliating face wipes for post-workout. Seriously, everyone needs these.

A fresh athleisure set from here, here or here.

Sticky socks for Pilates and barre. How cute are these.

Quality, clean and smelly-free deodorant from Follain. There are a handful of options, but we like this one.

Finally, a bag to hold it all.