Team StudioHop here to the rescue! Whether you’re shopping for your fitness fanatic friends, family or yourself, we know a thing or two about what those mavens want. We’ve rounded up our favorite selection of fitness goodies this year and called out a few of the best below.

Shorts | Shoes | Nuun | Headphones | Fitness Tracker | Gym Bag | StudioHop Gift Card | Vest | Yoga Mat | Cookbook | Waterbottle

Outdoor Voices Shorts: The print. The fit. Can you say obsessed?! The Austin-based brand is our absolute favorite for both workout gear and lounge wear.

Nike Shoes: If you’re looking for cute and functional gym shoes, look no further!

Nuun: If you’re sweatin’ it out on the reg, you need to be replenishing your electrolyte intake. Nuun is our preferred way of doing so!

Headphones: Can you really put a price tag on a good pair of headphones?

Fitness tracker: Fitness trackers are IN and for a very good reason. We are crazy about them and think they’re great for holding ourselves accountable.

Gym bag: Everyone needs one.

StudioHop gift card: What better way to support your fitness-loving friend than by giving them a way to workout? You can pick any amount you want to give and they’re free to put it to use on their account!

Vest: Not only is this vest on sale, but it’s also great for throwing on after your workouts. It comes in multiple colors!

Yoga Mat: Gone are the days of boring yoga mats.

Cookbook: If you’re into fitness, you’re also into fueling your body properly. Take notes from this book and you’re sure to be inspired by the plethora of amazing recipes!

Water Bottle: Not just any water bottle, but one that let’s you know where you should be with your water intake throughout the day. Plus, it is CUTE!