4th of July festivities are here and we’re always on the search for some good side dishes to contribute to the big BBQ. Something that will be different and fun. We love the traditional #American dishes like cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, cheeseburgers and don’t forget the cupcakes, banana pudding and ice cream. It is a holiday after all, so you should treat yourself! If you’re wanting to go a little lighter on some sides or just want to spice things up this year, try one of our healthy-ish swaps below. We searched the internet high and low so you won’t have to. Might want to get your Pinterest ready–you’ll want to save these to enjoy all summer long.

Instead of traditional cole slaw, try this Crunchy Asian Slaw with Peanut Dressing.

Talk about flavor! We’re excited to keep things fresh with lots of vibrant veggies with a kick of nutrients…we might even use this as a salad base for a filet of salmon for dinner sometime soon.

[PC: A Spicy Perspective]
Instead of traditional creamy potato salad, try this Southwest Roasted Potato Salad.

This dish screams summertime with the fresh corn on the cob, potatoes and green onions. More flavor, less sluggish feeling post-dinner time.

[PC: Aberdeen’s Kitchen]

Instead of the usual pasta salad, try this Pesto Pasta Salad with Bacon.

Oh. my. gosh. We are BIG fans of pesto, so this is 100% going on our menu. Fresh mozzarella, asparagus, peas and BACON. It doesn’t get any better. Can we just have this for lunch everyday?

[PC: Five Heart Home]

Instead of baked beans, try this Tomato Avocado Cucumber Chickpea Salad with Greek Lemon Dressing.

We’re getting our beans in the form of garbanzo this summer. We can’t get enough of them, and pair them with other fresh vegetables (not to mention avocado), herbs and a sprinkle of feta. YUM.

[PC: Cooking Classy]

Instead of the usual cheeseburger, amp things up with this Grilled Turkey Burger with Pesto and Fresh Mozzarella.

You’re probably noticing a trend. Pesto & mozzarella go together like PB&J and you know it! Swap your usual burger with these turkey burgers, throw some arugula on there and you’ve got a flavor packed burger everyone else will wish they made.

[PC: The Lemon Bowl]

Instead of the banana pudding, swap it with these Grilled Peaches and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Don’t knock ’em til you try ’em. Have you ever had grilled peaches? If not, now is the time. Top with vanilla ice cream (and perhaps a drizzle of honey) and you’ve got a guilt-free sweet treat to end the meal (or have it for breakfast with some granola!).

[PC: What’s Gaby Cooking]