It’s the question we get all the time, so we’re breaking down the main differences between StudioHop and ClassPass. Our hope is that you’ll feel more informed when you make your decision and that your decision will be StudioHop. 🙂 

Membership Based. If you loved having an unlimited membership on StudioHop or ClassPass in the past, you’ll love StudioHop memberships today. We have an unlimited membership—the only membership in the country that gives you unlimited access to hundreds of boutique gyms. Our memberships range from $135-$240 which gets you at least up to 20 classes per month that you can use. You pay your auto-renewing membership fee, and you book away! The only thing to consider is if you love Prime studios and you’re on our $135 Pro plan, you will have to pay $4 extra every time you book those, or you can upgrade to Pro+Prime and pay $175 per month to avoid those fees. Other than that, you can choose unlimited or not, but you’ll be smooth sailing and working it out without having to think twice about it. This is truly the best option for those who want to visit studios 8 or more times per month. Think about it: the more you work out on a StudioHop membership, the more value you get, meaning, the price per visit goes down to $6.41 per class. That is a DEAL in boutique fitness. The more your work out on ClassPass, the more you are paying and adding on to your credit package.

A La Carte (StudioHop) vs Credits (ClassPass). We have another option for those who only need 3-8 classes per month. Our A La Carte program allows you to choose either $50 per month (3-4 classes depending on the studios you choose) or $100 per month (6-8 classes depending on the studios you choose). You then use this balance toward individual class prices. Studios vary between $12-$35 per class which you can see here. The wonderful thing is these balances roll over month-to-month. You can use your balance at your own leisure and you don’t have to worry about deciphering credits. The con is that there is no dynamic pricing on StudioHop for off-peak times *yet*, so the A La Carte price you see for a studio is what it will be regardless of what day/time you choose.  //// On the other hand, ClassPass has a credit system. From what we understand, their current pricing ranges from $9 per month up to $199 per month. This gives you different amounts of credits—the lowest says “up to 1 class” while the highest says “up to 43 classes”. You can’t be completely sure how many classes these credit packages will actually get you since class pricing is dynamic and changes based on location, time, popularity and type of workout. For example, if you choose a popular studio at peak time (6am or 6pm for example), you will get charged more credits for this class (which will probably get you much less than half the stated classes). If you choose open gym time in the middle of the day, you will get charged less credits.

No confusing credits. We don’t want you to have to worry about how many credits you have left and/or change your schedule around to be able to fit in your Pilates class when it works for you. On StudioHop, you can see exactly what you’re going to get since each studio’s pricing is visible on our website and hardly ever changes. You will get transparency on StudioHop before you sign up. You also don’t have to worry about being penalized for frequenting a class. It has been said that ClassPass actually charges you more credits for classes they notice you frequent. You won’t be charged more for studios you frequently book on StudioHop. It is hard enough to keep a consistent workout routine and fit in the classes you want to take at the times that work with your busy schedule. With the credit system, the convenience of booking the classes you want is not nearly as easy. With StudioHop, you just book the class and go.  

Get into classes easily. Virtually all of our studio partners leave their schedules open for StudioHop. While there are some spot limits for certain studios and classes, almost all studios keep all the class times on the schedule for StudioHop. This is not the case for ClassPass. Our members enjoy getting into their favorite classes very seamlessly—with the exception of those uber popular studios with little space to begin with. Those are hard for everyone to snag a spot.

Perks. StudioHop has a perk program! We have 65+ perks in Dallas/Fort Worth area alone that range from popular juice bars to spas, sauna, cryotherapy, clothing boutiques and more. These are (awesome) deals that are exclusive to our members. ClassPass does not.

Local. We’re based in Dallas, founded by a Dallas-based entrepreneur Natalie Wolfe and operated by Natalie and her husband Ryan. You’re already going to locally owned fitness studios—why not support a locally owned all-in-one fitness membership?

Same studios. Technically this isn’t a difference, but StudioHop and ClassPass include virtually the exact same studios. There are a fewStudioHop has that ClassPass does not and vice versa. For the most part, you’ll find the studio lists are similar, and if there’s a studio you don’t see on StudioHop, please send us an email ( We’re known to add studios after receiving your requests.

We hope this helps shed some light on the major differences between StudioHop and ClassPass. We’re here to make your fitness routine exciting, fun, convenient and something you can actually stick with so you can go crush your goals. We hope you’ll choose StudioHop, but at the end of the day, we applaud your decision to get active and feel confident you’ll find what works for you.

TL:DR: StudioHop is on a mission to make your fitness routine something fun, convenient and seamless. On StudioHop, the more you work out, the more value you get, meaning, the price per visit goes down to $7.50 per class. That is a DEAL in boutique fitness. The more your work out on ClassPass, the more you are paying and adding on to your credit package. Get into your favorite classes easily, don’t mess with confusing credits and use exclusive discounts to your favorite businesses like juice bars, healthy restaurants and spas. You deserve to enjoy what you pay for. Join StudioHop