Austin Cocktails

If you’ve been to one of our recent events, then you have had the opportunity to taste-test one of our FAVORITE adult beverages from Austin Cocktails!

We love this company for several reasons beyond just their delicious ‘crafttails’. First off, they are a family-owned company by two sisters, who spent their childhood summers out at their grandparent’s farm harvesting the fresh fruit and vegetables. Out on the farm a tradition that shaped their future formed. Everyday at 5:30pm their grandfather encouraged everyone to come together for a moment of connection and relaxation. This time of day was called ‘Cocktail Time’.

Austin Cocktails Founders, Kelly Gasink and Jill Burns.
Austin Cocktails Founders, Kelly Gasink and Jill Burns.

In addition to the amazing founders, Austin Cocktails are made from a meticulously curated list of ingredients. A concept we also hold dear to our hearts. Ingredients from all over the world were taste-tested before making it into the final cocktail recipe for each flavor. Kelly and Jill wanted flavors that ‘tasted truest to their natural state’ and that’s what really makes these delicious beverages stand out among other pre-mixed cocktails. Trust us, we’ve tried a lot of them!

There are several different flavors for whatever may tempt your taste-buds. Our personal favorite is the Fred’s Ruby Red Cocktail!¬†Natural ingredients and agave nectar to sweeten it up perfectly but not ruin our whole workout make this our go-to ‘Cocktail Time’ drink.