Sydney and Shayda are two sisters born and raised in Austin, TX, with a passion for CBD oil. They also happen to be no strangers to the fitness world–in fact, you may be familiar with them due to their #onpoint IG feeds. They’ve experienced the positive effects of CBD oil themselves and because of this, they decided to start a company of their own. CBD oil is all the rage now and especially within the wellness industry due to its positive effects on sore muscles. People all around the world are using it to help with post-workout recovery, to ease anxiety and to help them sleep. As fitness junkies, we got curious too. Read on for their journey and for common questions about CBD oil.

How did you get into the CBD business?
Three years ago, I was in a pretty bad car accident where I was hit by a car as a pedestrian and suffered two fractures in my pelvis. I ended up going through physical therapy for 8 months, and despite my body regaining mobility. I was experiencing chronic pain that lingered as a result from the impact. My doctor said I could take steroid injections anytime the pain flared up, I could undergo surgery which may or may not relieve the pain and could in-fact cause further complications, or I could live with it. And so it was actually our mom who first discovered CBD as a treatment for pain, and she began giving it to me to help me find relief. Not only did I find relief from the pain from the accident, but I started to learn about all the additional benefits CBD can provide and is used for. Flash forward 3+ years, and Sydney and I had been taking CBD personally since being introduced to it during my recovery as a way to find everyday relief from sore muscles and general anxiety. And we just didn’t feel there was a CBD brand that we could relate to and so we wanted to crate that. A 100% organic, high quality, THC free, CBD isolate that is made with the most simple ingredients, has no aftertaste, and promotes the overall wellness of your body. And so we created RESTART CBD to be just that.

What exactly is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis. Cannabis is the parent plant that both CBD and it’s sister and more famous cannabinoid THC are found in. But CBD can be made from both the marijuana plant and the hemp plant. Generally when you see products labeled as “Full Spectrum” you’re creating CBD from the marijuana plant. And when you see products labeled as “CBD Isolate” you’re creating CBD from the hemp plant. For reference, all CBD is legal in all 50 states, however in Texas the legal limit for THC to be found in CBD is .3%. So CBD oil is made by extracting the CBD from the cannabis plant and made with various oils. The makeup of that oil or the purity varies on the type of product (Full spectrum or isolate) and ingredients.

What sets RESTART apart from other CBD brands?

Our product is made with industrial organic hemp, so our product falls in the CBD Isolate category meaning there is absolutely no THC in our product. We believe that’s a big differentiator from what we see on the market today.
Additionally, a big difference is that RESTART CBD Oil has no “funky” taste to it and is virtually flavorless. Which makes it really easy to take orally and add it to drinks or foods!
Lastly, I think our biggest differentiator is education. On our website ( you can find tons of articles and blog posts on commonly asked CBD questions as well as scientific evidence to back it all up – great for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the world of CBD. At the end of the day, we just want the consumer to be smarter about what they’re taking. There’s a lot of movement in the CBD industry but not a ton of information and resources that is as accessible as it could be in my opinion. We hope our brand can help bridge that gap by educating and providing a high quality organic product to market!

What are the pros and cons of CBD oil?
I don’t believe there are any cons with our product, or with CBD in general for that fact. However there should be caution if you are taking a full spectrum product since it does contain trace amounts of THC, it’s highly encouraged to be cautious if you find yourself in a situation to be tested. But CBD in particular is used to help mitigate pain and is often taken to help with things ranging from sleep insomnia, anxiety, to in some cases being a treatment for epilepsy.

Can you overdose on CBD oil?
You can’t overdose on CBD. Your body naturally has cannabinoid receptors, and by ingesting things like CBD and THC they bind to receptors in the body that fit them like a lock fits a key, these endo, phyto, and synthetic cannabinoids all produce a wide range of physiological effects, altering everything from blood pressure to pain response to memory to appetite to “consciousness.” Every body is different so your dosage will be different, and I always encourage to start with less and work your way up. I also like to caution CBD isn’t going to make you feel any certain way, in fact sometimes it’s the lack of feeling anything that means CBD is doing its job. Depending on what you’re taking it for and how much you take you will know if it’s providing you the relief that you’re looking for. I’m always happy to chat 1:1 to help you understand what product or dosage would make sense to start with.

Can you get high off of CBD oil?
You can not get high off of CBD oil, however you again should be cautious when taking full spectrum products because those do contain trace amounts of THC. But even then it isn’t enough to produce any sort of psychoactive effects that you would typically associate with taking cannabis products. So no, you can’t get high, CBD only targets the pain receptors so you should only be experiencing pain relief vs a high feeling.

What are the best uses of CBD oil, both topically and orally for us fit people?
The most common way to absorb CBD oil is orally. Typically you place it under the tongue and hold for 30-40 seconds. But you can also place the oil in beverages like smoothies or recovery drinks. Or you can raw bake with it, and one of our favorite things to make are these CBD recovery balls ( We also have found benefits when applying CBD directly to the body for direct absorption. For example, sore muscles and achy joints love a good CBD salve rub down and we encourage for anyone who is experiencing targeted pain to give our salve a try. Another product we launched is a CBD bath salt which is amazing for total body absorption through the skin while winding down at the end of a busy day/week, or sore muscles from an intense workout!


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