2019 is right around the corner, and we already have our eyes set on what health and wellness trends will be heating up in the new year. While we’re certainly no experts, we have been diving headfirst into our IG feeds and have heard a few things through the grapevine. Some of these predictions are solely based on our team’s observations. Just trust us on these.


CBD Everything.

No, it’s not illegal (unless you’re buying from a source that includes THC) and no, it does not get you high. You’ll be seeing more CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) in all forms, from oils to bath bombs to lotions, drinks and more. A bill was just passed to make CBD more readily available. Basically, farmers are able to grow hemp more freely now. We love it for its calming properties, but we have heard stories and have seen firsthand how healing this stuff can really be. Here’s a brand we love and support out of Austin, Texas.


More Stretching.

It’s a chore, but you can now pop into a shop that does just that: stretching! We love Stretch Zone in Dallas, but there are options in most cities that you can find. When we’re not in a stretch studio, we think the wellness/fitness community will start paying more attention to slowing down and stretching. This will be huge for healing and recovering properly, but also for noticing results in your workout routine. Foam roll, go to yoga, do some stretches before bed. Prepare to get your stretching on in 2019.


Self-Care Realness.

Whoever painted the picture of self-care as an indulgent bubble bath with decadent flowers floating on the surface with a glass of wine and a face mask on was wrong. That’s right, we said it. We agree with this article that was recently posted on Forbes that self-care is a discipline, not an indulgence. Our hope for 2019 is that everyone regardless of ethnicity, income or stage of life will realize they too can “enjoy” self-care. It may not look the same for everyone, but even turning the TV off 30 minutes before bed can be considered self-care. So can grabbing a glass of wine with your best friend. And so can a decadent bath. Self-care is a responsibility you owe to your body.


Oat Milk.

It became a “thing” for the trendy wellness followers, but 2019 will be oat milk’s year. It’s a great alt milk for those who are allergic to nuts, but it also froths up so nicely. Mmmm. And it’s chalk full of fiber.



In 2019, we’ll all finally realize meditation is not just for hippies, and it does not have to be done at a meditation studio. It can be done anywhere and can look very different for everyone. The idea is this: focus on your breathing and nothing else. Hopefully we’ll all consider some off-screen time to simply breathe. We did NOT say it’s easy.


Clean Skincare/Deodorant/Toothpaste/Everything

Clean skincare and beauty products are not new, but we have a feeling most people will be raising their standards in 2019. We have been swapping out our crappy drugstore deodorant for clean brands like this one and makeup products like this one. Clean toothpaste and clean body wash…sunscreen, etc. The list goes on! These products will be popping up everywhere, including entire stores devoted to clean.



You know how yoga kind of took a backseat once all the trendy new workout activities started rolling out? No? Well, that’s good. For a lot of boutique fitness goers, yoga became a thing of the past, but not in 2019. Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and it’s not going anywhere. No longer will the amount of sweat and calories you have burned be the signs of a killer workout session. Well, who are we kidding, those will still come into play, but our hope is that everyone will value yoga for what it brings: reflection, stretching, strengthening, mood boosting, meditation, overall wellness. Welcome back, yoga.