Skincare Routine by StudioHop

At StudioHop we’re all about balance – the “sculpt now, champagne later” kind of balance. We love all of our skincare products (some organic, some “heavy duty”), but we also like to balance out our skincare routines with some natural, holistic tools that make our skin look and feel healthy. Used in combination with any existing product routine, these tools can help to reduce cellulite and wrinkles and to make skin appear youthful and radiant. And, hey, at the very least, they’ll make you feel like you’re at the spa! #pampered


1. Dry Brush
Dry brushing is a great way to remove dead skin cells (duh), boost your skin’s circulation, stimulate the lymph nodes, and most importantly to reduce cellulite. That means that spending a few minutes dry brushing your body before your shower every day will help you to exfoliate your whole body so that your lotions and other products will absorb into your skin more easily, to kick that lymphatic system in to overdrive so that your body will get rid of waste more efficiently, and to soften those hard fat deposits below the skin (AKA “cottage cheese,” AKA cellulite) so that you will have Victoria Secret model thighs. Not only that, but it also stimulates and increases circulation to your skin so you’ll have that “I swear I’m not pregnant, I’m just glowing” glow.

Healthy Skincare by StudioHop

We recommend purchasing a dry brush with natural bristles and a detachable handle (like ours pictured above). It’s best to brush in a circular motion covering your whole body, toe to neck before your daily shower. Then, shower as you normally would and make sure to use your favorite moisturizer after showering.


2. Jade Roller
Ok, your body is glowing. Now what? Time to massage that face!

Jade Roller

Jade rolling is the Chinese women’s ancient secret to amazing, youthful skin. It’s a mini-facial massage that you can give yourself daily (or twice daily). It de-puffs (the eyes), it re-puffs (the laugh lines) and it improves skin elasticity. In Traditional Chinese Medicine jade is considered a healing semi-precious gemstone that represents power and immortality. I’m not convinced that using a jade roller will make you live forever, but I do know that using your jade roller regularly will reduce puffiness due to the cooling massage, improve skin tone due to increased blood flow and resulting oxygen at the surface level of the skin, and #elevate complexion due to stimulating the lymphatic system (AKA cells renewing and moving toxins away more quickly).  Not only that, but jade rolling will prime your pores so that your usual products will be absorbed more easily after rolling. “Hello, (naturally) Gorgeous!”

Jade Roller

We recommend purchasing a jade roller made of natural stone (although we don’t think the quality of the stone is super important, as long as it is real jade). It is best to use your jade roller on clean skin, before applying products. Roll in an upward motion (think: anti-gravity) and use the larger roller for your cheeks, chin, forehead, etc and the smaller roller for your eye and nose area.  Once you’re done rolling, use your favorite products and give yourself a big wink in the mirror, because you’re obviously worth it.


3. Water
We are big believers in this magical beverage.

Drinking enough water is a super big deal. It aids in digestion, circulation, absorption, and excretion. Plus, it makes your skin appear younger-looking…obviously the most important reason to drink water.  Your skin is an organ made up of cells, the skin cells need water to function properly. Un-hydrated skin is not only more prone to wrinkling but it also looks dry and flakey (shocker), and then it produces extra oils to try to hydrate itself, which causes breakouts. So, drink water! Drinking water will help flush your body to get rid of all of the extra toxins that your lymphatic system (thanks to dry-brushing and jade-rolling) is trying to get rid of.

We recommend drinking at least 8 cups of fresh, plain, magical water daily.