After a long weekend of staying up late, drinking all the yummy beverages, and indulging in the best foods, it’s hard to figure out how to get right back on track. There’s no need to feel guilty, but say goodbye to your habits of the weekend. It’s a new day and it’s time to get back on track!

So how does one recover after a weekend of indulging? After plenty of weekends like this, we think we’ve got the best ways to help set you up for success.

How to Recover After a Weekend of Indulging

Give yourself grace

There’s no need to regret any decision you’ve made. The past is the past. You enjoyed it and you deserved it! Life is all about #balance and you should treat yourself for how hard you work. It’s not healthy to fixate on a few unhealthy decisions made, so give yourself grace for not sticking to your everyday meal plan. It’s good for you.

Reset and refocus

Now that you’ve acknowledged you need to get back on track this week, set your intentions. Reset and refocus on what’s important; think about where your priorities lie. Head to the grocery store so you’re not left unprepared, get back on your sleep schedule. Think about what needs to change and then do it.

Schedule a workout class

There’s no better way to shift gears than to get your booty back in the door of your favorite studio! Grab your workout buddy and head to a new class to shake things up a bit (have anxiety about going to a new studio? Read tips from instructors about how to combat those fears here).


Drinking water will not only help you to flush out all those toxins, but also help increase your energy. Do we need to launch into all the benefits of drinking water again? We didn’t think so. Infuse your water with some cucumber or lemon for a refreshing taste and get back on board, friend.


How do you recover after a weekend of indulging?