Is it just me or was Covid almost a thing of the past? Perhaps it was because it fell down the news cycle totem pole due to other important things happening around the country (hello #BlackLivesMatter movement) or maybe it was because we were seeing more parties and traveling on our IG feeds. Either way, the virus has not gone anywhere and unfortunately cases are continuing to rise and now our stress and anxiety are back with a vengeance. Anyone else? 🙃

To kick those bad vibes to the curb, here’s what we’re doing to prevent and nip stress and anxiety right in the bud:

  1. Going for long walks outdoors. There’s nothing more soothing than being in nature right now. It could just be a neighborhood walk, or a hike somewhere pretty. Either way, we have found time spent walking outside is time well spent: for a change of perspective and a time to be away from the news and social media.
  2. Soaking in the bath tub. Enough said.
  3. Reading a book, preferably fiction. Reading has become another great escape–even better when done out on the patio or by a pool.
  4. Mowing the lawn. Or doing a productive task around the house. This one seems a little odd, but getting something done if you’re in the mood for it not only takes your mind off of things, but it gets you active and feeling great about checking something off your list.
  5. Brewing a cup of tea and writing in a journal. Or coffee! We’ve found writing in a journal, more specifically, writing a list of what we’re grateful for, helps tremendously.
  6. Binging Queer Eye. The best show to turn your mood around, #ammiright?
  7. Making a smoothie packed with superfoods and adaptogensTackling stress and anxiety starts from within. We love adding ashwaghanda to our smoothies to help sooth our anxiety, and a smoothie gives your body all sorts of nutrients to help fuel you and avoid stress. Be sure to pack it full of fruits, vegetables, protein and fat.
  8. Attending a fitness class or doing a virtual one from home. Sometimes all you need is to move your body and sweat a little!
  9. FaceTiming a friend or family member. Since you probably miss family and friends, now is a great time to FaceTime them. We have found it’s been a great mood booster and a way to feel more grounded. We’re all in this together after all.
  10. Taking a nap. Simple, yet effective.

We hope these suggestions will help you get through these challenging times. For more inspiring content and fun Instagram Live virtual workouts to join in on, be sure to follow us here.