You’ve worked up a sweat at an intense class and now you’re starving. All you can think about is pizza. We’ve been there. Sometimes you have to listen to your body and go get that slice (hey, we didn’t say we were experts), but most of the time, we feel our best when we fuel with a nutritious, delicious, balanced meal. We set out in OKC to find our favorite lunches we wouldn’t feel guilty about, but would also leave us feeling satisfied. Whoever said you had to eat grilled chicken and steamed broccoli every single day to be healthy and achieve your goals was born in Snoozeville, USA. Let’s spice things up. Without further ado, here are our favorite healthy lunches you can find in the Big Friendly.

1.The hot bar at Provision Kitchen:

Provision Kitchen The menu changes seasonally and seriously packs a flavor punch. Choose your grains, vegetables & lean proteins (gluten free & vegan options).

2.Grab & go items at The Yoga Box.

 You guys, we’ve tried several items and everything was SO tasty and healthy. We’re hooked on their veggie fried quinoa and their TYB wrap.

3.Harvest Salad at CoolGreens.

 Or anything else on their menu really.

4.Energizer Berry Bowl at Organic Squeeze.

 Umm yes please.

5. Sesame Rice Bowl at The Loaded Bowl.

 Filled me up for days and tasted like heaven. And that cashew mac n cheese?!

We have high hopes for the following spots for lunch. What do YOU think about them? What should we get?

Nourished Food Bar: we hear it’s pretty small, but perfect for grab-and-go. We want a taste of that golden milk smoothie!

Wheeze The Juice: located inside a shipping container. Cute digs, and we hear the smoothie bowls are delicious.

Kitchen No 324: we’ve heard nothing but good things about this spot. Many studio owners swear by this place. Brunch is on the top of our list: we’ll take a “Kitchen Green Eggs & Ham” with a soy cappuccino please.

Cultivar Mexican Kitchen: can’t wait to grab a meal here after a sweaty workout at Beyond. It’s located just below Beyond and those vegan tacos look delicious and not-so-guilty.

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