Happy October, Hoppers!

Tis the season to cozy up, spend time with your dearest friends and family and of course make pumpkin everything. We have been counting down the days for the fall season over here at StudioHop HQ.  There is something so wonderful in the change of season, whether it’s a fresh start or an excuse to slow down a bit from the hustle and bustle of summer, fall is simply the best.

We are nothing if not foodies.  So, our first stop on the autumn train was our local farmers market to pick up some goodies for cooking at home.  Local farmers markets are excellent for many reasons: fresh produce and shopping locally being most important in our eyes.  It is also a place that is so fun to go, it takes the mundane out of normal grocery shopping.

Here are the best things to get at your local market right now:

1. Peaches: We’re nearing the end of the peach season, so we highly recommend you snag a basket before you have to wait until next summer for these fuzzy fruits.

Local farmers market peaches

2. Eggs: An all year long kitchen staple.  Protein, duh.  Need we say more?

Local farmers market eggs

3. Sweet potatoes: High in Vitamin A and high in our hearts.  Packed with nutrients and so yummy on a brisk fall day.  At a 5 dollar price tag, we struggled only buying one basket.

Benefits of sweet potatoes

4. Greens: Lettuce, kale and spinach.  Use them for salads and smoothies!

Fresh greens

5. Sweet treats: Last but definitely not least, take advantage of the local bakers.  We found a stand that served homemade cookie cups with pumpkin spice ice cream.  What a perfect little date for you and a loved one.

Pumpkin spice ice cream

And you better believe we grabbed some squash and pumpkins too, so we’ll be posting some of our favorite recipes soon, stay tuned!