Take My Money Tuesday

Welcome back! This is the fifth episode of our series, Take My Money Tuesday. You’ll find us live on our Facebook Page every Tuesday featuring the products we love so much that we just want to say, TAKE MY MONEY. We’ll show off everything from food products to restaurants to self-care and more—basically all things healthy living and #balance. Be sure to tune in weekly to discover your soon-to-be new favorite things!

In this week’s episode we talk about gut health. Did you know that probiotics not only help with your digestion, but also boost your immune system allowing our bodies to utilize the protein we eat better? Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well there are 2 BILLION of them in each Nomva Probiotic Smoothie pouch, so, that’s like a ton of good bacteria helping your gut! Plus, Nomva only uses vegan probiotics called Ganeden BC30.  These are some of the most resilient probiotics out there, making them super effective! Check out the video below to learn how Paige likes to enjoy her Nomva Probiotic Smoothie packs!

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