Boutique Fitness is worth the cost

Welcome back to TMMT Episode 16! You’ll find us live on our Facebook Page every Tuesday featuring the fitness, health and wellness products we love so much that we just want to say, TAKE MY MONEY. We’ll show off everything from healthy food products (and sometimes our favorite splurge items too) to the best fitness gear, self-care products and more—basically anything you could ever want to create the best and most balanced lifestyle. Be sure to tune in weekly to discover your soon-to-be new favorite things!

This  month we’re focused on Self-Love. We believe self-love starts with self-reflection, knowing your needs, knowing your body and what makes you feel stronger, healthier and balanced. For us, we know that getting our nails done not only makes us feel like our best, presentable selves, but it’s also a nice time to relax and unplug.

This week we’re featuring our favorite nail salon: MiniLuxe. There are several locations around DFW, and we love them because the space is so pretty, the people are friendly, the tools they use are top-notch clean and it doesn’t SMELL like a nail salon in there because they don’t use that chemical-ridden stuff we’re used to. We’re big fans of their Performance Polish–it looks great for 2 weeks+! And if we’re being honest, we get pedicures for the foot massages. Now that’s self-love. Spending money on yourself each month may look different, but treating yourself to a mani/pedi at your favorite nail salon is a great option. If you’re a StudioHopper in Dallas, be sure to take advantage of the awesome perk you get at MiniLuxe. Stay tuned for next week’s #TakeMyMoneyTuesday. Thanks for watching!