Welcome back! This is the 14th episode of our series, Take My Money Tuesday. You’ll find us live on our Facebook Page every Tuesday featuring the fitness, health and wellness products we love so much that we just want to say, TAKE MY MONEY. We’ll show off everything from healthy food products (and sometimes our favorite splurge items too) to the best fitness gear, self-care products and more—basically anything you could ever want to create the best and most balanced lifestyle. Be sure to tune in weekly to discover your soon-to-be new favorite things!

Since our theme this month has been balancing your lifestyle, we wanted to share with you some of our must-have items to have around when you’re giving yourself a little R&R, some down time, a little you-do-you time, some quiet moments where you can refocus your energies and get back to balance. Of course, these items are all in the aromatherapy category. There’s just something about lighting up a candle that instantly washes a calm and comfort over you.

Download our Back to Balance checklist to help equip you with some suggestions on re-balancing your lifestyle.

So today, our Creative Lead, Paige, talks about some of her favorite candles and her secret trick to getting the best ones on a budget. Plus, she shares a few of the ways she uses essential oils in her everyday life. Check out the video below to learn her tricks and scroll on down to see a list of resources to use in researching other ways to enjoy essential oils.


How to Enjoy Essential Oils: resources we love for discovering new ways to incorporate oils into your everyday life

1. http://www.carolinevencil.com/normal-person-uses-essential-oils/



4.Sophie Uliano’s Essential Oil’s 101 https://youtu.be/arQ7LL8S3Bs