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It’s officially fall!

Can you feel it? New Year’s Resolutions are just around the corner, but no need to wait for December 31st to come around to get in the shape you have always wanted to be in! The air is getting a little crisper and let’s all face it: we are ready for the leaves to change and for pumpkin-spice everything. Here are our top Fitness Do’s + Don’ts for fall!

Do stick to your workout routine, but don’t stick to one thing.

Now is a great time to try a fitness studio you may never have before. Missing the beach? Then take a class at City Surf Fitness and jump on a board! Need to stretch? Head to one of our many yoga studios to get loose.

Couch-WorkoutDo be an active TV watcher, but don’t be a couch potato.

Fall is the season of television show premiers and football watching. Freytag says, “If you’re going to sit down and watch hours of TV, get moving,” she suggests. “Make a date with exercise and TV.” While you watch, you can walk or run in place, do standing lunges, do tricep dips off the couch, or lift weights. During commercials, do push-ups or sit-ups. In a one-hour show, you probably have close to 20 minutes worth of commercial interruption.


Do enjoy the cool weather, but don’t just sit there.

It is the perfect time of year to sit on a patio with a glass of wine, but better yet put your body into motion and get some exercise! Park a little further, to take a walk during lunch or to spend another hour at the dog park playing fetch with your best friend. Plug in some headphones and listen to your favorite song or book as you whisk down Katy Trail or through Zilker Park.

 Do opt for a new fall wardrobe.

 We’re loving Athleta’s fall line—you’ll find us wearing their leggings and sweaters all season long. Plus, it’s totally proven to get you into the studio more often, right? 😉 Whatever it takes to motivate you!

Ignite Fitnez

Do workout out at night, but don’t be afraid of the dark.

If you tend to get your run in later in the evening after work, but won’t be able to because of the time change, then try out some of our high-cardio fitness studios: BEYOND500, Fight Club Austin, Dallas Grit Fitness, Titan Evolution, Lync Cycling, The Ride House, Resolute Fitness, Ignite Fitnez, to name a few. You’ll be safer and you will still get that great sweat in without hopping on a boring treadmill.


See you all in the studios!