Our team tried out a week of the Snap Kitchen meal plans and wanted to share our experiences below. Snap Kitchen offers customizable meal plan subscriptions that can fit to your needs. We chose from Paleo, Whole30, Low Carb, Balance, Vegetarian, and High Protein. We’re discussing the good, the bad and ugly!


Plan: Whole30

Favorite meal: Sloppy Joe loaded sweet potato wedges

Pros/Cons: I go to Snap Kitchen A LOT and sometimes feel bored by the food selections. However, I never get tired of my favorites and the convenience is a huge win for me!

I love Snap Kitchen because I know I can trust the ingredients and it’s a really convenient option around for healthy meals. I’m in and out within five minutes, there are always options that look amazing, and when I heat it up at home, I never regret my decision.


Plan: Paleo

Favorite meal: Lasagna

Pros/cons: Healthy, convenient, easy to heat up, great food, consistent menu. But, I have to plan my day around picking my food up and taking it to a refrigerator.

I totally would use Snap Kitchen again. The convenience and the locations of SNAP are wonderful. I also love that they have other snacks and drinks available to purchase. The food options are very good with great diet options. I also really like the varying portion sizes and snack options too.


Plan: Balance

Favorite meal: Shrimp Scampi

Pros/cons: Convenient, easy instructions and labels, plenty of options, portion control. But, some things reheated just aren’t the same as cooking at home and I have a love/hate relationship with portion control (HA).

I loved the meal plan builder online and all of the options. It made our weekdays a whole lot easier not having to think about what to eat and knowing we’d be eating very healthy and delicious meals. I love Snap Kitchen because they make eating healthy a tasty experience and because they carry some of my favorite food brands.


Plan: Balance

Favorite meal: Brisket

Pros/Cons: Everything tasted great, but it wasn’t enough food.

I probably wouldn’t use Snap again. I tended to want to eat more than 1 per meal and I don’t mind cooking. But, it’s great when you don’t feel like cooking and want to eat healthy.


Don’t forget to use the Snap Kitchen perk next time you place an order from there!