This past Saturday, StudioHop had the opportunity to participate in two incredible events. We love the fact that we got to get in an awesome workout in the sun and sand and then shift gears and head to a fun event at Deep Ellum Brewery to give back to an amazing charity all in one perfect day in Dallas.

First, we hit the sand with our studio partner City Surf at their Sandbar Cantina event. We loved waking up ready to #hoptoit with Colin, one of City Surf?s awesome trainers. We ran, popped up, and ?paddled? it out to the beat of The Weekend. Standing on the surfboard forces you to focus in on stability while building strength and stamina. City Surf redefines the meaning of changing up your workout routine.  Make sure to sign up for one of their classes soon–if you’re a StudioHop member, you’re just a click away! Your body will thank you. (P.S. City Surf- please do this event again!)

City Surf 1.1City Surf 1.2After hitting the sand, we hopped on over to Deep Ellum Brewery to help sponsor the  Puppy Rescue Mission?s Pints 4 Paws event. Puppy Rescue Mission helps soldiers bring back dogs from war. Because their pups become their family when they’re deployed, there’s nothing sweeter than being reunited with their dog, as soon as they’ve returned home to the US. At the event, we loved playing with the puppies, listening to live music, enjoying a cold beer (or two) and getting the chance to hear some of the stories behind these precious dogs. The sweet dog below had just been flown in from Afghanistan on Thursday, had received his immunizations and was getting ready to meet his soldier daddy in Georgia this week. This dog (and many of them) have been through a lot, but our hearts melt just thinking about the embrace this dog is going to get from his owner. Nothing sweeter. (we’re dog people, can ya tell?)


Pints 4 Paws 1.1 Pints 4 Paws 1.2

Pints 4 Paws 1.3

Be on the look out for more fun community events to participate in. It is always fun to connect with our members and give back at the same time. What causes are you interested in? How are you getting your workout in with your busy schedule? We always love to get involved and participate in events that help others, so if you’re a part of a nonprofit and would like to work with StudioHop, please let us know at

–The StudioHop Team