We think the best way to judge a class is by the ‘burn’ you feel! Here’s our list of some of the best classes in Tulsa ranked by ‘burn level.’

Burn Levels:

 =  3 flames means this class will have you really feeling the burn in more ways than one. By incorporating a heavy cardio portion and strength training into one class, you’ll walk out of the workout with a ‘drenched in sweat, fully out of breath, challenging to keep up’ feeling.

 = 2 flames means this class will have you feeling the ‘shakes’ but will be centered around specific areas of the body with small or fluid movements good for toning/ lengthening the muscles during class. These classes may incorporate light cardio too.

 = 1 flame means this is a lower-impact class that will be focused on breath and stretching. This class will be a ‘slow breath, Namaste, feel the deep stretch’ style class. Which is perfect for anyone just getting their body used to moving again after injury or are in the beginning stages of their fitness journey.

SALT Yoga Tulsa

Class: Strengthen & Sweat

Burn Level

Class Description: We give this class 2 flames because it is meant for all levels, but your body will be challenged with the poses and your mind will be challenged to stay focused as the temperature rises. This is a hot power vinyasa flow class where the room is set to a toasty 95º (not to be confused with Bikram yoga, where you will see room temperatures closer to 105º) . The heat will increase your pulse rate, thus increasing your metabolism and blood circulation. Even better, the studio offers modifications throughout class to allow everyone to practice at their own level.

Physiques By Monique:

Class: Cycle Rev

Burn Level: 

Class Description: Indoor cycling is challenging. You will push your endurance levels to the max and see yourself sweat more than ever, but you’ll love every single minute of the experience. With Cycle Rev, Physiques By Monique’s signature class, where all fitness levels are welcome, but you must be prepared to challenge yourself to keep going – even when your legs are on fire and telling you to stop. This is why this class has a 3 flame burn level. The environment at Physiques By Monique is so encouraging, the energy level from the staff will keep you so motivated that you’ll want to keep coming back for more!

Zen Body:

Class: AeroZen Float

Burn Level: 

Class Description: This class has 1 flame since it’s Zen Body’s ‘softer’ version of the traditional AeroZen classes. You’ll explore a feeling of zero gravity during moves in the yoga swing. The yoga swing is suspended from the ceiling to allow you to create movements that are fluid and very low-impact. During the AeroZen Float classes the hammocks are hung lower to the ground for ease of use and all skill levels.

Title Boxing:

Class: Kickboxing 60

Burn Level: 

Class Description: This class has 3 flames not only because it’s a tough workout, but for the fact that you will need to learn a few moves that may not be in your fitness class vocabulary (if they already are, you’re a bada*s). You will learn the basic boxing moves, as well as kickboxing moves, so get ready to channel your inner Power Ranger (you know you watched that show when you were younger!). From round-house kicks to jab combinations, this class will have you feeling like you can take on the world when you’re done.

Sculpt Tulsa:

Class: Sculpt RX

Burn Level: 

Class Description: An absolutely perfect class for anyone who wants a little cardio to supplement one of their lower impact, strength-building classes throughout the week. We ranked this classes difficulty level a 5 because it’s designed for everyone from the novice to the marathon runner looking to cross-train.

Revved Fitness:

Class: Revved 90

Burn Level: 

Class Description: This class gets 3 flames strictly for the mental strength required to take on a 90-minute workout class! Each REVVED workout is broken into short intervals of strength and cardio. With the REVVED 90 class, you get an additional 30 minutes to push your body further. The stamina required to complete one of these 90-minute classes is on the same level as those who enjoy long-distance running. If you’ve ever wondered what a runner’s high felt like, complete one of these classes and you’ll have that same mixed feeling of pure energy and exhaustion. It’s glorious! P.S. you’ll likely burn over 1000 calories in this class, so fuel up before coming.

Balance Pilates of Tulsa:

Class: TRX/Reformer Mix

Burn Level

Class Description: The ultimate core-toning class. In this class you’ll get a mix of moves on the Pilates Reformer machine and on TRX Suspension Training harnesses.We gave this class two flames because you will get the shakes and feel the burn with each move but it’s low-impact format is perfect for all fitness levels. The best part about this class is that you create your own intensity and it’s focused on lengthening and toning instead of bulking your muscles.

Be Love Tulsa:

Class: Be Integrated (Soft)

Burn Level: 

Class Description: Be Integrated is an all levels class introducing meditation, deep stretch, and restorative yoga. After all the HIIT classes, long days at work and other stressed of life, this is a great class for anyone looking to exploring the basics of meditation. While you may not walk out of class a sweaty mess, you will enjoy a clear, peaceful mindset.

The Yoga Room:

Class: Sweaty Sweetness

Burn Level: 

Class Description: Join Leanne for a powerful, yet sweet, strengthening practice. All levels can join in on the stretching. Modifications are offered for those that want an easier class, but if you want to sweat it out, you can do that too.


Class: Barre3

Burn Level: 

Class Description: Barre3 is a 60-minute workout that mixes athleticism, grace, and the latest innovations designed to balance the body. Inspired by ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates, our instructors guide you through a specific sequence of movements that tone and lengthen all major muscle groups, rev your heart rate, and strengthen your body.


Class: 30/30 Cycle Sculpt

Burn Level: 

Class Description: With 30 minutes of high intensity rhythm based cycling followed by 30 minutes of yoga paired with weights, this class is a great mix of a medium-high difficulty level class. The combination of fast-paced, high-energy cycling and weights will give you the ultimate calorie and muscle burn.

Pure Barre:

Class: Classic Class

Burn Level: 

Class Description: A great class to learn the basics. If you are new to barre or used to be on the dance squad back in the day, this will a fun workout for you. You will achieve a full-body workout concentrating on the areas women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, seat, abs and arms. With the fabulous instructors at Pure Barre – Midtown, you will have no trouble getting the basic techniques perfect and soon moving on to their 2-flame specialty classes like Intesive Lifted Seat or Fab Abs.

Studio One:

Class: Gentle Yoga

Burn Level: 

Class Description: We gave this class 1 flame for it’s focus on slow, soft moves. Perfect if you’re looking to move your body and work on flexibility after injuries or if you’re just beginning your yoga journey. There is a variety of props used to ensure that you get the best stretch possible!

Total Pilates:

Class: Cardio Reformer

Burn Level: 

Class Description: We give this class three flames for it will have you feeling the burn while you’re doing a mix of classic Pilates moves on the reformer paired with the cardio boosting spurts of jumps on the Pilates Jumpboard. You’ll get the benefits of improving your cardiovascular strength while also working on balance, core strength and stability. This class is perfect for the Pilates reformer lover who would like to incorporate a little extra cardio boost into their sweat sesh.