More fun

Less fear

More strength

Less comparison

Give grace

These are our New Year’s Intentions.

In 2018, we’re resolving to hone in on our intentions for the new year, and not create unrealistic resolutions we’ll feel bad we won’t accomplish by year end. Has anyone else noticed “resolutions” are out and “intentions” are in? We’re fully on board. We’re keeping a list of intentions in mind as we rollercoaster through 2018 and keep specific goals on a monthly basis.

More Fun: This always comes first. If you’re not having any fun in this one life you get, then what’s the point? This year we’re going to enjoy every single workout we get. Each class we take is a privilege, not punishment. We’re going to savor every bite of good-for-you and bad-for-you food. We’re going to find the joy in the everyday monotony.

Less Fear: Who cares what other people think? Turn the knob up on your spin bike to feel more resistance. Go for it. Wear that outfit that’s a little outside of your comfort zone. Eat that warm and toasty bagel (non-gf, non-df) even if it’s not on your clean eating plan. Run that extra mile. Go see a movie by yourself. Heck, do whatever you want. And feel the confidence and the power of fearlessness.

More Strength: Soak up every sweat sesh you get and appreciate your amazing body that gets you through intense workouts. Never mind what the scale says or how big or small your biceps are. We want to feel strong and fit and ready to tackle the world. There’s nothing better than the feeling of strength and power.

Less Comparison: In a world where we live on social media constantly bombarded by conflicting messages coming from dieticians, healthy bloggers and just the average joe, it’s sometimes hard to know what to do and how to feel about your own decisions. You may be the healthiest and strongest of all your friends, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t affected by others on social media. When Theodore Roosevelt said “Comparison is the thief of joy”, he was on to something. Whether a dietician is bragging about eating a salad for dinner during the holidays when you just splurged on a big turkey dinner complete with mac n cheese, glasses on glasses of wine and all the desserts that were offered, or a blogger just announced their brand new business they launched and they got engaged and got a new BMW, you may start to feel down. Well, here’s the deal: YOU DO DO. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else’s highlight reel. Nobody is perfect, and no one is posting about how anxiety-ridden they are or that they just ate their weight in donuts or that they’re having marital issues or having trouble getting pregnant. Knowing everyone has their ups as well as their downs, we should all start staying the path we’ve been given and we’ll all be a whole lot happier.

Give Grace: Setting goals is great. But when you go astray (because, oh yeah! You’re human!), don’t beat yourself up and just keep moving and striving to be better than you were yesterday. If you don’t allow a little room for a change of plans, you’ll never be happy. Be open, be flexible and be nice to yourself!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, fun, fearless, strong 2018.