Dear Current and Future StudioHop Members,

We’re making some changes on May 1st, and here’s the good news: we’re simplifying. No more tiers. Let’s hop right to it.

THE BIG NEWS: We will have ONE customizable membership: $150/month Pro Plan.

Here’s the best news: you have no limits on how many times you visit each studio. Use your visits how you please and yes, you can book multiple classes in one day. No more having to check how many visits you have left at your favorite studio. (You’ll still have a 20 total class cap).

We want to give you the opportunity to choose what’s valuable to you by customizing your own membership. You can add on Prime, Unlimited and/or Multi-City. You can mix and match, and you can switch it up month-to-month. Here’s how:

Prime. Instead of tiers, we’ll have “Prime Studios” which will be notated when you’re searching for classes and will have a 🏆 next to them. You can view those here. You will pay $4 extra every time you go OR you can just pay $50 extra per month to not worry about extra fees every time you go to a Prime Studio.

Unlimited. You can go UNLIMITED again. Hallelujah! You just have to pay $30 extra per month and you won’t have a 20 visit cap nor will you pay for Priority Spots. You will have to pay the extra $4 for Prime Studio visits.

Multi-City. You can now pay $20 extra per month to achieve this. We’re combining Dallas and Fort Worth, so you won’t have to pay this to go between those two cities.

You can mix & match depending on your needs and we’ll make it really easy to customize your plan month-to-month. 

You can choose just the Pro Plan ($150) which gives you up to 20 visits per month.

or if you want the option of going more than 20 times per month, snag the Pro ➕ Unlimited ($180).

If you don’t want to deal with paying a fee for every Prime Studio class, opt for Pro ➕ Prime ($200).

If you want the ultimate membership (no limits and full access to Prime Studios), choose Pro ➕ Unlimited ➕ Prime ($230).

For those of you who are needing a little less, we’re introducing our A La Carte option.

Load $50 or $100 onto your account (auto-renews monthly) and use that $$ toward each studio’s A La Carte price which you can view here or on the Studios page–but be sure you’re logged out if you’re logged in on your current old plan. No per studio visit restrictions, and your cash will rollover. You’ll have around the same visits as your past visit bundle packages depending on which studios you choose to visit. If you run out of cash on your account, no worries, keep booking and we’ll just charge you the difference.

And finally, our Bonus studios. These are studios that must be purchased per class and are not included in any Pro plan membership dues.

If you’re wondering why we’re making these changes, we had to compensate our studios appropriately. That being said, whenever we have to make changes for the studios’ benefit, you know I’m out there championing YOU, our amazing members. With the price increase (for some of you), we dropped the per studio limits and added the option to just pay a little extra for Prime Studios ($4 each time) rather than forcing you to upgrade to a $200 tier AND you now have the option to go Unlimited. We’ve heard time and time again that being Unlimited is a priority for many, and we’ll be the only ones out there offering this. We believe StudioHop memberships are still more valuable, affordable and definitely more flexible than anything else out there. No dealing with how many credits you have left, no worrying about tiers and having to choose studios you like to choose the correct membership plan. Just choose your membership plan, book your classes and get on with your life!

To find out which studios are Pro, Prime, Bonus and A La Carte pricing, visit our Pricing page here or click over to the Studios page here to search.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at We are here for you!


Natalie Wolfe

CEO & Founder