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Top 5 Reasons to Join StudioHop

StudioHop strives to make pursuing your health and wellness goals more convenient, less intimidating, and easy to stick to regardless of fitness level. We aim to be your partner along the way; helping you and encouraging you to be the best version of yourself!

Fitting in consistent workouts is hard, and doing the same thing every week can get pretty boring. That is why we created a fun and easy way to work out with our memberships.

But first, why boutique fitness?

1. Expert instruction creates more effective workouts with better results

2. Motivating instructors encourage you to push yourself

3. Workout in fun, inviting spaces and participate in a dedicated community

4. Specialized classes help drive results by focusing on key areas that are more personalized to your body

As a StudioHopper, you can reserve and attend all your favorite studios under one membership and one platform. No more need to buy expensive drop-in classes at different studios, get locked in for a year at one gym or sign in to multiple accounts. With StudioHop, you can easily discover new workouts and change up your routine whenever you want, all from one mobile app or website. Yoga tomorrow and  spin on the weekend?  No problem. Select the membership that fits your needs and upgrade at any time or downgrade at the end of your current membership cycle. StudioHop makes it so easy to commit to getting and staying in shape.

StudioHop allows members to try new workouts and mix things up between indoor cycling, yoga, barre, bootcamp, Pilates and more. It’s hard to stick with a workout routine when you are doing the same thing over and over again or haven’t found a workout that fuels you. Our memberships fight the boredom by allowing you to find and hop around to a wide variety of unique workouts – from piloxing to aerial yoga to spin and everything in between.

It has never been easier to access boutique studio fitness. Just open the app, choose what you want to do and select a time that works for you and reserve. That’s it! You can even add it to your calendar or share the class with a friend with a few taps/clicks. You also get access to great deals and benefits from local and national brands through our “Perks” section of the mobile app or website.

We have thousands of classes and ways for you to book classes outside of your membership limits so you can workout as much as you want at the places you love the most. We make sure our studio partners offer spots in almost all class times (most studios allow spots in every single class time, with no restrictions on spots at all!), and not just the off-peak times. We know you need to get in to your work out class and get on with your day, and we make sure you have plenty of convenient options for the perfectly timed workout.

It’s never fun to work out alone. It’s also hard to stay accountable without a buddy. We have a great community of like-minded health and fitness enthusiasts to help you reach your goals. Each studio also develops a community around its members where you can work together and encourage each other along your health and wellness journeys. Boutique fitness is not just for people who are already fit. If you are feeling intimidated by trying a new studio or workout, share the class with a friend through the app or try an intro class (most instructors will offer variations to the workouts to allow for different skill levels). Check out other posts on our blog about living a balanced, healthy lifestyle if you liked learning about StudioHop!