Meet Lauren Orthwein, the ultimate go-getter based out of Oklahoma City.  She is many things, a spin instructor at Moxieride, yoga instructor and studio manager at Soul Yoga.  She keeps busy.  You’re going to to want to take note, because we got the chance to catch up with Lauren, and not only are her classes amazing, but her whole story is inspiring.

Spin Instructor Lauren Orthwein OKC


Why do you teach spin and yoga?

I grew up being very active but I ended up working in marketing and then corporate banking.  One day my boss asked me if I was really passionate about banking and at first I was offended but she thought I would be more excited about working in fitness and she was right.  I work more hours than I ever have but the quality of life is what I work for and love.

Spin studio

What’s the best health/wellness advice you’ve ever received that has actually helped?
You should never put yourself in any category because I think balance is the most important thing.  For example, I would say that I eat mostly vegan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy bacon every now and then.

What’s your favorite workout to do when you’re not teaching?
I really love doing bootcamp and I like to do a lot of heavy weights because that’s not what I teach at all.  Also, there is a 10 mile loop close to my house, so sometimes I’ll go there for a bike ride or a run on a Sunday morning.

What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify? 

Song right now: Mi Gente- J Balvin w/Beyonce
Go to pump up song: Let’s Go-Trick Daddy
Moxieride studio OKC

Best thing in your fridge right now?
I recently made a vegan sweet potato casserole and its the best thing ever.  But on a daily basis, I always have sweet potatoes, avocados and almond butter on hand.

Go-to pre or post-workout snack?
I’m not a big snacker, but if I am going to have one, I would have a KiZe bar.  I’ve even tried to make my own.  They’re not as good, but it has been fun experimenting.

Go-to beverage?
I drink a lot of green juices.  I usually go to Uptown Grocery which is across from Moxieride.

Favorite splurge meal/dessert?
The bad for you sushi, the deep-fried rolls.  As for sweets, I’m not really a dessert person, but I do love frozen yogurt every now and then.  I never get toppings though.

Where do you get your health/wellness information? (blog, website, podcast, etc.)
There are a couple that I love to read regularly for healthy recipes:
Oh She Glows
Love & Lemons

Instagram to follow:
Meowmeix– for workout inspiration and meal prep ideas (also is my best friend since age 5!)

Favorite way to unwind after a long day/week?
I really like getting a massage.  I’m ok with going to a less expensive place, because I think you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a massage.  Its great for muscle recovery.

Moxieride fitness studio

Best part of your job?
It was hard moving to OKC and not knowing anyone, but this industry brought my entire community together.  I love working with these people everyday and also getting to work with my clients


Be sure to stop in and say hi to Lauren and book one of her classes!