A Day in the Life of… Brittany Grignon
Since opening SESSION | Pilates just one year ago, life for founder and fitness expert Brittany Grignon hasn’t been the same.
As a small business owner that’s focused on delivering an experience that’s second to none every time you walk into the studio, Brittany is constantly looking for new ways to inspire Dallasites and ignite her brand.
Here’s a look at her productive daily schedule, that’s sprinkled with creativity and reflection:
5 a.m. | I start my day at 4:30 a.m., but to be honest, it’s not always easy.  I’m not an early riser, which is why I’m so thankful for the 6 a.m. clients that are absolute rock stars.

 Pilates reformer studio 

8 a.m. | Group fitness will always be my first love.  There’s nothing better than leading a room full of people at various fitness levels and watching them each achieve personal bests.  The “lightbulb moment” when they break through their boundaries and realize what their body can truly do is amazing. 
Teacher and students on Pilates reformers in a group fitness class
10 a.m. | I work out for a living so I do my best to feed my body the vitamins and nutrients it needs.  My favorite neighborhood spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner is Origin Kitchen + Bar.  Their menu features locally sourced produce and it accommodates my diet that’s, for better or worse, based on my procrastination. If you’re there for breakfast, order the Acai Granola Bowl with an Almost Milk Latte. If you go for lunch or dinner, don’t skip the sweet potato fries. You can thank me later.

latte and menu on a table


Noon | I adopted Bird in 2013, and we’ve been chasing squirrels ever since! We both enjoy our long walks on The Katy Trail. I take this time to mentally reset while she sniffs every blade of grass along the way.
 Dog panting on the Katy Trail
3 p.m. | Session’s team is a group of motivated, out-of-the-box instructors that all have different backgrounds.  Some have taught (or still teach) yoga or spin and others are former clients that found their way to the other side of the mic.  It’s our unique backgrounds that make every Session different. But what I love most is that we’re constantly meeting to talk about creative class formats, transitions that push our clients.  We’re always looking for ways to perfect the Session experience.
 Session Pilates in Dallas
5 p.m. | In a world full of chaos, I think it’s important to find time to slow it down and reflect. It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on what we didn’t get done. Sometimes we need to take a deep breath to recognize all we have accomplished.  My favorite way to practice self-love when I’m not on the reformer is at a yoga studio.  You can usually catch me at Uptown Yoga with Alex Grimm. Her classes are very methodical, yet feel amazing not only to the body but the mind. She has a beautiful way of allowing you to slow down your day and tune into your body. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already!
8 p.m. | To wrap of a long day, I occasionally hit The Standard Pour in Uptown. I love spending quality time there with friends over a cocktail and dinner.  Another hit:  order the Salmon with Brussel Sprouts – it’s my go-to. The food is absolutely delicious and I don’t feel guilty!