If you’re new around here, allow us to let you know something super important about us quickly: we love new seasons and the chance to start fresh. We thrive off the excitement in the air and this fall, we are digging that new determination we sense all around us.

No more of the mundane. It’s time to switch up your everyday routine and add some pizzazz. It’s simple changes that will perk you back you up and make you excited about what’s up ahead.

  1. Drink water with lemon in the morning: Hydration in the morning is so important, but try adding lemon to water to aid digestion, reduce inflammation and simply spruce up your water.
  2. Find a new go-to coffee shop: Been spending your Saturday mornings at the same place? We love that you have routine, but re-establish your routine elsewhere to shake things up. Don’t let yourself get too comfortable.
  3. Wake up 30 minutes earlier: We had to. Don’t roll your eyes, just do it. Once you get in the habit, you’ll start to understand why people love mornings. But, waking up even 30 minutes early means you need to go to bed 30 minutes earlier, too.
  4. Make a habit of journaling at night: Doesn’t have to be every night, we know that’s not realistic. But work on journaling several times a week even for just a few minutes. It’s therapeutic and great to look back on a few months later to see how far you’ve come.
  5. Focus on your posture: You may or may not think about it subconsciously, but this time around, think about how you’re sitting and standing. The taller you stand, the more confident you’ll feel as you face the day. Sign up for a class like barre that helps your posture. It’s something we can all work on!
  6. Download new podcast episodes for inspiration: For a breath of fresh air, download a few new podcasts for your commute and receive some inspo! We’re loving Goop, Girlboss and Rise.