At Trunk Club HQ with Brianne (Left) and Ashleigh (Right).

Can you name the last time you stuck with something for a year?? It’s tough to do, huh? Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution, a new diet, a budget (helooo, The Nordstrom Sale blows this every time) or a workout routine, sticking with something is seriously hard to do. So when we heard that this pair of friends just passed their year-long ‘Hoppaversary’, we just had to get to know them a little better.

Brianne and Ashleigh both work at Trunk Club in Dallas and have been members of StudioHop for a little over a year now. They are adorbs (please see pic above) and are the exact reason why StudioHop can boast having the absolute BEST MEMBERS! We had the chance to sit down with them recently to ask a few fun questions:

SH: When did you join StudioHop?
B: 6/7/2015
A: 7/1/2015

SH: How many classes have you taken in the past year?
B: Oh boy. I have no clue! 52 weeks in a year… I probably take 3-4 classes/week…. 3.5 x 52 = 182 classes! We should probably round that down to 150 🙂
A: 39



SH: What’s your favorite studio?
B: Right now my favorite studio is Beyond 500, though TreadFitness is slowly making it’s way up there. If you had asked me a year ago I would have told you CitySurf Uptown (which I still love)! I basically enjoy anything that has a mix of running and weights.
A: I love Beyond 500 and City Surf!

SH: Would you rather drink a glass of wine or a margarita?
B: Wine. 100%.
A: Glass of wine, all day everyday.

SH: Would you rather read a book, watch TV or be outside?
B: Be outside, specifically hiking.
A: To be honest I love to unwind and turn on Lifetime to give my mind a break from long days.

SH: What are you currently watching on Netflix?
B: Bloodline, House Hunters and Friends (for the 50th time)
A: I know everyone is obsessed with Netflix but I have yet to join the fad. I don’t have time!

SH: If you had to make a smoothie out of what’s in your fridge right now, what would the 5 ingredients be? (It’s ok if you only have butter, left overs from last week and a yogurt. That’s why this question is funny.)
B: Frozen blueberries, spinach, bananas, dark chocolate chips and salsa… it started so good!
A: Mixed fruit, chocolate milk, yogurt, eggs, and cookie dough (good mix of healhy/fattening ha).

SH: If money was no object, what would you do all day?
B: Learn photography and travel the world.
A: I would shop, vacation, and give.

SH: What has your biggest success been up to this point?
B: Being promoted to a Director role at 27 years old with Trunk Club.
A: Becoming a Director at Trunk Club and making six figures by the time I was 24 was a pretty big accomplishment for me all while absolutely loving what I do.

SH: How would your friends describe you?
B: Outgoing, funny, driven… probably a little bossy.
A: Sweet and positive!

SH: What’s your favorite childhood memory?
B: Making home VHS movies with my friends. We remade everything from Beauty and the Beast to Scream.
A: When my parents bought me my first horse, Sunshine. I’m an animal lover!

SH: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
B: Anywhere in the mountains. My goal is to move to Denver within the next few years.
A: Hawaii, my favorite place on earth- so far 😉

SH: What’s your favorite way to workout when you’re not hopping to different studios?
B: Hiking or kayaking
A: None haha. I didn’t work out before StudioHop.


SH: What’s your go-to local spot?
B: Hmm… I love Victor Tangos and Neighborhood Services. You also can’t go wrong with Truck Yard.
A: Bowen House is my favorite bar in Dallas. It’s so charming and they make the best drinks. Unleavened is my favorite lunch spot and I probably go there 3 times a week.

SH: How has your lifestyle changed since you’ve been with StudioHop?
B: StudioHop has helped me become a more productive and driven individual. Instead of getting to work 15 minutes late each day, I go to the 6 am classes then get to work 30 minutes early. Working out first thing in the morning gives me energy all day, encourages me eat healthier, it boosts my mood and makes me an all-around better person. I am so thankful StudioHop came into my life! It’s so important to me.
A: I wake up early at least 3 times a week to work out at one of the studios and it has been life changing. I feel so much more energized and ready to take on my day when I work out. My body and mind feel better when I go. In the beginning it was hard to wake up to make the choice, but now I do it without question because it turns my whole week around.


Check out their video testimonial below! They share with us why they love hopping!