Just because it’s almost Halloween, doesn’t mean we can’t keep living in our yoga pants! Us fitness junkies can’t get enough of sneakers, headbands, tights, and tanks, so why stop come October 31st? To solve this problem, we have put together a list of Halloween costumes for the true StudioHoppers that can’t stop and won’t stop—or just want to be comfortable at a party (if this is you, let’s be friends).

richard simmons


Richard Simmons, the face of aerobic exercise, is an easy and inexpensive costume idea to take Halloween on with! Perfect for the man not afraid of short shorts. All you need is a curly, brown wig, flamboyant tank/muscle tee and those short shorts (the more stripes the more Richard Simmons). Don’t forget that sweat band and old-school radio. Be sure to play his favorite kind of music, hits from the ’50s. You’ll have the whole party synced in aerobics in no time!

80's excersise girl

80’s Aerobics Girl, not all of us have lived through the 80’s, but we definitely all know what those workout clothes looked like. Grab yourself a colorful pair of tights, leotard and leg warmers. It is best not to match the colors, just be as bright as possible. The tighter the better and the bigger the hair the better. Put on a pair of old school sneakers or slip on some pointy toed, white heels to complete the look. Don’t forget the sparkly blue eyeshadow.


boxing girl


Knockout, you’ll be knockin’ em’ dead. Find a blank tank and athletic shorts in your closest. Throw on some boxing gloves and a silky hooded robe in your favorite color. Complete the look with some knee-high socks and white or black sneakers. If you are feeling daring, use makeup affects to give yourself a black eye or knocked out tooth. You’ll have everyone fighting over you!

forrest gump

Run, Forrest, Run, ideal for a true Forrest Gump and running fan. Buy a fake beard and wig, a red trucker’s hat just like in the movie, a yellow v-neck or polo, some red running shorts and the nerdiest white tennis shoes you’ve got. When anyone asks why you went as Forrest Gump, tell them “I just felt like running.”


Fit Barbie, if you have never been Barbie for Halloween before, now’s your chance. This pink and black look will have you feeling comfortable and spunky. Grab a Barbie muscle tee like the one from here, a black leotard, some hot pink leggings, white leg warmers, chunky hoop earings and your favorite black or white sneakers! Make that ponytail nice and fluffy, like a true Barbie girl, and finish it off with a oversized headband.

Harlem Globetrotters, perfect for a group of sports fans. Grab some blue tanks and red cotton shorts. Head to your nearest arts & crafts store to get some white and yellow fabric paint, and get to painting! Don’t forget to give each other nicknames to put on the back along with your favorite numbers. Put on your knee-high socks and basketball shoes and don’t forget your red, white and blue ball to show off your moves like a true Harlem Globetrotter!


Jocks, the most well-know high school stereotype can be a really fun group costume. Plus, you’ll probably already have everything in your closet! All you’ll need is a baggy jersey, basketball shorts, sneakers, and a backwards hat. The more mix-matched the better. No group picture will be complete without serious faces and hand gestures straight out of 2007.