We made it.  To the holidays, that is.  Hands down, the single best time of the year. Who’s with us?!  It really is a wonderful season, being able to celebrate with family and friends, getting cozy at home with a cup of hot chocolate and so many other traditions. One of the most fun parts of the season is shopping for holiday gifts and making our own wish lists (just being honest here). We’re rounding up the best fitness gifts for your active loved ones and even the non-active ones too.

First up, gifts for all the ladies out there.

Apple Watch | What once had a stigma of being just another Apple product people waste money on, has now become a leader in the fitness tracking world.  It has transformed the way we look at our workouts and sometimes keeps us accountable… those persistent reminders to keep standing up during the day or when you’re just a few calories away from ‘closing your rings.’  This watch also lets you share your activity easily with friends so you’ll always have someone to push you when you’re slacking!

Yoga mat | We live in a world where you can pick up a yoga mat pretty much anywhere.  But we have three solid recommendations: Lululemon, Manduka or Jade.  Any of these three will elevate your practice in the studio.  They also come in a variety of colors and styles so you can cater to your friend’s taste easily!

Hydro Flask | Not a whole lot to report on this one, other than it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I mean what can we say, it keeps your water cold for like a year, okay, more like a day.  But seriously, a whole day can go by and you’ll still have chilled water!  We’ll take two.

Foam roller | For sore muscles and beyond.  There are multiple benefits to rolling out every night.  This is a simple gift that you can use too, guys.

Beats by Dre headphones | Perfect for zoning out at the gym or for traveling.  These are a ‘sure to put a smile on her face’ gift – that certainly won’t go unused or re-gifted.  We love the Beats By Dre headphones with or without wires, they have excellent sound quality that will be sure to get anyone pumped up.

Vitamix | You know how your girl is always referencing those trendy Instagram influencers that make all those recipes you don’t understand.  Well, they’re probably using one of these, and your girl is probably dying to have it.  A Vitamix is perfect for your kitchen and definitely worth the investment. They last a long time too!

Gym bag | How can she possibly need another bag?  She does.  And it’s this gym bag.  She will be eternally grateful to have a designated bag to go to and from the studio without having to switch things over and over.

Women's Christmas Gift Guide


Gifts for the guys:

Dumbell set | Wondering why you haven’t thought to get this for him sooner? Us too.  This is the perfect gift for you man, he can sit and watch Netflix with you while getting a couple of reps in.

Nike shoes | If you have a man in your life that tends to wear his shoes until they have holes in them, this one is especially for you.  There are plenty of articles out there that give supported reasoning for updating your shoes each year.  Get your guy a shiny new pair of sneaks and maybe a pair for you too.

Blender Bottle | Use it for your protein shakes, use it for your water.  It’s a no brainer and a good stocking stuffer.

FitBit | A more affordable alternative to our previous recommendation of an Apple Watch.  This will get the job done too, with a few less bells and whistles.

Shorts | It’s time that men look as good as we do in our workout clothes.  There are so many great activewear brands out there these days, so grab a pair and maybe even a coordinating shirt so you can roll into your next spin class in style – cue emoji with cool guy glasses.

Backpack | Just like women, guys need a go to bag for all of their gym belongings.  Get him a sleek bag that he can use regularly so you no longer have to hold his wallet and keys every time, you can thank us later.

TRX Go suspension trainer | A fun thing to have in the house when you need a little workout or take it on vacations if you’re not sure what the gym situation will be like.  We have a feeling he’ll be setting this up and using it sooner rather than later.  It’s almost like a toy, right?


Happy Holidays Hoppers!  We hope this gift guide helps you shop for those fitness junkies in your life, and maybe you’ll snag something sweet for yourself too.