Ok, we get it. Sometimes it’s hard to escape the family and the house to drive to a studio to get your workout in. You don’t have time, there’s no studios nearby, you’re in the boonies, whatever your excuse is, we have good news for you. We’ve rounded up our favorite HIIT/Tabata workouts you can complete at home equipment-free. That’s right. Bodyweight workouts you can complete in your hotel room or childhood bedroom–or at-home gym if you’re #blessed like that. You can even take one of these to the hotel gym, apartment gym, or any gym for that matter. These workouts are guaranteed to leave you breathless, sweaty and super proud that you did something productive over your holiday. If anything, bookmark this post to come back to later. You’re going to need these! Here are our favorites:


The Do Anywhere Workout by Peanut Butter Fingers Blog

Total Body Travel Workout by Fitnessista Blog

20-Minute Cardio + Strength Training by PopSugar

10 to 1 Bodyweight Workout by Peanut Butter Fingers Blog

15 Min Workout You Can Do Anywhere by Well + Good

Simply add weights in as needed if you have them around, otherwise all of the workouts above are plenty challenging with your bodyweight alone. Not feeling a HIIT/Tabata workout? Go for a walk/jog/run/bike/hike! Get creative and get that sweat sesh in when you can. Rest when you need it. Happy Holidays, everyone!