A StudioHopper who loves food as much as she loves her workouts. Yes 🙌. Meet Casey Colodny, the woman behind The Mindful Hapa. She makes recipes that are equally tasty, clean and pleasing to the eyes. She’s kind enough to share a recipe with you all that would be the perfect fuel for before or after a sweat session. We’re going to let her take over this post–so be sure to read on to hear from Casey and snag the recipe to her chocolate coconut cauliflower oats.


Have you tried adding riced cauliflower to your oats yet? If not you are missing out on an easy way to sneak in extra veggies and fluff up your morning oats! And if you’re skeptical I promise these Chocolate Coconut Cauliflower Oats will convince you because #chocolate.

&If you feel weird about eating chocolate for breakfast just remember these oats have riced cauliflower in them, therefore they are healthy. That’s my logic, at least.

Here’s why you are going to love these breakfast stovetop oats:

  • extra creamy from a mix of full fat coconut milk and almond milk
  • veggies sneaked in that you can’t even taste
  • the perfect rich chocolate flavor from cocoa powder + melted dark chocolate squares
  • quick and easy to whip up
  • you can go crazy with the toppings (case in point below)

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As always, let me know if you try these Chocolate Coconut Cauliflower Oats by leaving a comment below. If you’re on Instagram, you can follow me over @themindfulhapa and tag me so I can see your creations. Now go eat some veggies (+ chocolate) for breakfast!

Chocolate Coconut Cauliflower Oats
Rich and creamy stovetop oats that are given a little oomph from a secret frozen veggie – riced cauliflower! Quick and easy to whip up these oats are the perfect warm and cozy breakfast to share (or not, I won’t judge).
 Prep Time 3 minutes
 Cook Time 10-15 minutes
  1. Add all ingredients (except chopped dark chocolate) to a small saucepan over medium to medium high heat.
  2. Cook for 10- 13 minutes or until cooked to your preferred texture.
  3. Add chopped chocolate just before serving so you get that melty chocolate in every bite.
  4. Top with additional chopped chocolate, toasted coconut flakes, and a splash of coconut milk.