Cleanse to a New You

It’s tough to eat healthy 24/7.  But if you incorporate juicing into your lifestyle and make it a habit then it can help balance out all the indulgences.  It’s really a very simple way to make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs and helps detox at the same time.

At Buda Juice, we call it balance in a bottle. 🙂

There are those times though, and we’ve all been there, when you’ve been eating really unhealthy or enjoying a few too many nights out…and you need to get back on track.  Maybe you feel sluggish or foggy brained or just off.  A juice cleanse may be the perfect way to reset and rebalance.

A juice cleanse gives your body a break and helps get rid of built up toxins while at the same time infusing vital minerals, enzymes, and vitamins.  Think of it as a spa day for your digestive system.  The cells in your gut actually regenerate every 3-5 days, so giving your system this break can help your gut focus less on digesting and more on healing.  Some of the benefits are increased energy, mental clarity, brighter skin and mood, shedding a few pounds, even sleeping more peacefully.

So what should you know about a cleanse before getting started?

1. Purity matters.

Not all cleanses are created equal.  Juicing concentrates the good stuff, but it can also concentrate pesticides from pounds and pounds of veggies into a single bottle of juice. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your juice is USDA Certified Organic (and pesticide free). At Buda Juice we take purity a step further by only using glass bottles. Plastic is known to leach harmful chemicals into juice, particularly citrus juices. Yikes!

2. Will I be hungry?

The Buda Cleanse is designed to supply all your caloric needs for the day.  Most people can go to work just fine while doing the cleanse, although you may want to trade your HIIT class for a milder yoga class on cleanse days.  If you feel like you need to munch on something, that’s ok. Everyone’s metabolism and comfort level with juicing is different, just keep the snacks small and stick to healthy options like a few nuts, an avocado, or steamed veggies for example, and you will still get the full benefits of the cleanse. Plus, our yummy almond milk, with its healthy fats and 10g of protein, will help keep you feeling fuller longer.

3. What about fiber?

Some argue that juice lacks fiber. In fact, the veggies and fruits do retain soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is the fiber that helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar spikes.  It is only the insoluble fiber that is lost, but that fiber is harder on your body to digest.  With the Buda Cleanse you also get additional fiber (both soluble and insoluble) with our Basilato Soup, full of deliciously ripe organic cherry tomatoes.

The best part of a cleanse is resetting your body and getting back to a healthier you. After a 3 or 5 day cleanse you will find yourself craving healthier foods. Your taste buds may even change!  Listen to your body, drink lots of water and gently reintroduce foods back into your diet to keep you feeling light and radiant!

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Cheers to your health!