We’re pleased to introduce a friend of StudioHop and the #girlboss and co-founder of Prep To Your Door, an Austin-based delivery service focused on sustainable healthy farm-to-table prepared meals. Meet Heather Emerson.

What You Do: People often ask me what a typical day looks like for me. Aside from putting out fires and problem solving bigger issues in the business with my partner, I try to ask myself every day: “What am I doing today to grow Prep To Your Door?” If I can’t answer that question, then I’m not being a good leader. The way that I answer that question to myself with confidence and pride, I try to add value in bigger ways, such as partnering with another local company, planning an event in the community, or supporting causes that match Prep To Your Door’s mission in some capacity. An example is our recent support of Kiss the Ground Austin Chapter. Adrian Grenier has a residence here in Austin, and we were able to feed everyone and provide the content creator for the brand awareness video. Here’s those links: here and here.

Describe Prep To Your Door & How It Works: Prep To Your Door is Austin’s only organic, farm to table meal delivery service. We are Gluten, Dairy, and Meat free, and we specialize in making creative new and seasonal meals for our customers every week. Every meal is intentionally layered in reusable mason jars. Think of the milkman model. We pick up the used jars when we drop off the new ones full of food! Absolutely nothing goes in your trashcan.

Why Prep To Your Door: Along with providing delicious food to people all over Austin, we are completely mission based. We pay livable wages and offer Dental, Vision and Health benefits to all part-time and 1099 workers. We support local farms, and are 100% organic. Our customers feel good knowing their dollars go to so much more than just feeding themselves.

How Does PTYD Impact The Environment: Along with all of our packaging being reusable, we are committed to being a truly zero-waste company. We are partnering with a company to plant enough trees that will sequester the CO2 emitted during our deliveries. We compost and recycle in our kitchen during production, and we try to buy as many things in bulk as possible so that we reduce packaging waste. Lastly, supporting local farmers means less mileage. The average vegetable travels 2000 miles before being eaten. Our average is less than 100 miles!

Your Story & Why You Started It: My first introduction into eating a whole foods plant-based diet came when I started working at Whole Foods in Austin. I opened their flagship store in downtown. I learned so much about the importance of quality ingredients and how food was harvested and sourced. To be honest, I was very angry to learn how we’ve been taught to eat based on a food pyramid and calorie counting vs eating fresh, nutrient dense, pesticide-free ingredients. I was fired up enough to try a plant-based diet, and it healed me in a lot of ways. I started feeling so much better, including some mental health and hormonal issues I was having. It wasn’t until I was living in New York City with negative minutes and dollars to spare that I decided to start meal prepping. Every Sunday I would make salads and meals in mason jars. They lasted for the whole week because glass doesn’t oxidize the way plastic does. I felt so good taking those jars to work every day! I wanted to start it as a business back then, but was too paralyzed by fear to ever try. When I met my partner in grad school a few years later, he loved that i meal prepped like this. He is the reason we have Prep To Your Door today. If it wasn’t for his entrepreneurial spirit and encouragement, I more than likely would not have had the courage!

Your Favorite Meals You Make: As much as I love our healthy options, I still love comfort food. I make a famous “Mac n Cheez” from quinoa pasta and tofu that even meat eaters love! We top it with roasted broccoli from the farm. It’s so comforting and perfect on a day when you want to splurge, but not feel bad afterwards.

Your Favorite Restaurants in Austin: Curcuma Food Truck, ATX Food Co Truck, The Beer Plant, True Food Kitchen, Casa De Luz How many can I choose?? 😇

What You Do When You’re Not Working: I like to be outside! Austin has miles and miles of hiking right in the heart of the city. I also enjoy alone time, yoga, and a nice refreshing drink with friends. I don’t get a lot of time outside of Prep To Your Door, so I really enjoy it when I have the opportunity.