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What is the first thing you do when you’re in a new city? For me, it is exploring. I love to hop in the car and drive around without a map just to see where the road takes me. Maybe I have a Gypsy soul, but shouldn’t life be a daily adventure? And shouldn’t that adventure feed your mind AND body? By using the StudioHop App, you can discover new studios everyday while working on your fitness.

I know some of you are thinking, yeah, yeah, that all sounds well and good but I have a busy weekend of Netflix to catch up on. NO, it is time to get off of that couch and try something new. You can start by driving north of Dallas to Addison, Plano or Frisco where you will discover so much more than just horses and cows.  Although we’ve got a lot of those too.

In Plano, you can go surfing without water at City Surf, rock climbing without tumbling off a mountain at Summit Climbing Gym and cycling without fear of road rage at Lync Cycling.  Travel further north to Frisco and you can try aerial arts with Altitude Fitness, Pilates at AllPilates Studio, TRX at Dynamis Fitness and so much more. Frisco is the fastest growing city in America and StudioHop is growing along with it.  I personally decided there were so many places to try that I could go to a new facility each week for a year and write about my experiences on my blog Sampling Skinny.  Once I heard about StudioHop, I couldn’t wait to #hoptoit and join the community to make my goal of trying new places easy to manage through one membership!

Every time I sample a new place, I want to join right away. Just like Veruca Salt in Willie Wonka I WANT THEM ALL!  I WANT THEM NOW! Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow for that. This is where StudioHop swoops in and saves the day!  By joining StudioHop, I can pay one monthly fee and hop around town to all of my favorite fitness studios.  It is so simple too! I use their new app and view the map.  Anywhere I see a bunny, a new studio opportunity awaits.  I can plan ahead and schedule all of my classes for the week at different studios in ONE place, or I can be spontaneous and schedule a class for that same day.

StudioHop App

My favorite studios are:

Lync Cycling (Plano) – Party any time of day at Lync Cycling!  Their spin classes are tough but I have such a blast with the music and choreography that I keep going back.

City Surf Fitness (Plano) – City Surf Fitness is one of the most unique workouts I’ve tried so far!  I love that I can learn to surf without putting on a swimsuit.  I’m going to keep going until I look like a California girl.

Altitude Fitness (Frisco) – Altitude Aerial Arts is a studio every woman should try.  The instructors make you feel comfortable and the workout is sexy.  You can take some bad ass pictures hanging in the silks too!

Barre3 – I always feel beautiful here.  B3 is all about listening to your body and finding your edge.  In Frisco, I love that it’s right in the square so I can go next door and do cryo at Cryo-X then across the street for a green smoothie. They are not currently a part of StudioHop, but I hope they will join soon!
My favorite post-workout bites:

Up Inspired Kitchen – The cutest place to eat breakfast and grab a Buda Juice to go. You will feel good about yourself for the rest of the day after having a healthy breakfast at Up Inspired Kitchen.

Extracts Juice – In the heart of Frisco, Extracts Juice is located in Frisco Square.  I love their superfood smoothies when I’m in a hurry and now they have superfood bowls!

Nekter Juice Bar – Nekter Juice Bar has everything I love that my body loves too!  I can even order online now so I don’t have to wait in line.

Wood Fired Coffee – I am obsessed with the woodfired coffee at Summer Moon Frisco.  If you’re looking for a treat, keep the moon milk in your coffee.  If you’re off sugar, no moon milk for you, but there are tons of other delicious options.

Let’s face it, everyone gets stuck in a rut from time to time. We’re creatures of habit they say, but I challenge you to get outside your comfort zone by joining StudioHop and travel around the metroplex to keep yourself out of the boring routine. You will be amazed at all that our North Texas cities have to offer!


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