StudioHoppers are dedicated, they’re fit and they know a good workout when they see… a lot of sweaty smiles around a studio. So who better to help you find the best of the best in San Antonio? We’ve compiled the list below to challenge everyone to take a class at each spot and live to tell the tales… kidding! Tomorrow, June 1st, marks our 1 year anniversary of our San Antonio launch, so we thought it would be great to share the studios that StudioHop Members are loving the most! 

1. EnergyX Fitness 

It’s no surprise that this is the number 1 studio! Their killer workouts will leave you feeling stronger than when you walked in the door. They offer a variety of exercises and if you’re really looking for a sweaty workout, their PowerRow class incorporates their state-of-the-art WaterRowers, TRX Suspension Trainers, and Kettlebells for a full body, calorie burning 60 minutes.


2. JoyRide Cycling Studio 

When you think of boutique fitness, what comes to mind? Cycling, perhaps? It’s a staple activity in the boutique fitness world and JoyRide Cycling Studio does a fantastic job at it. From StudioHoppers who have never clipped into an indoor cycling bike to experienced cycling enthusiasts, JoyRide puts on a great class for all to enjoy. There’s never a dull moment when the lights are down low and the music is blasting. It’s hard not to get pumped up the second any of their fantastic instructors take the stage. You know you’re in for a great workout! 



3. SmartBarre 

You always feel the shake and burn, which means it’s working! SmartBarre targets those hard-to-tone areas, and the instructors know how to make the biggest impact with the tiniest of movements! We always hear from our cardio junkies that they never would have considered a workout like this before, but now that they have spent time at ‘the barre’ they know it’s a great way to tone up and supplement their high-intensity cardio. But don’t be fooled, the workouts are anything but easy! You’ll walk out of class fully understanding the phrase ‘feel the burn’.


4. Revolution 

If we told ya once, we’ll tell ya again, StudioHoppers LOVE cycling! Revolution is the PRETTIEST studio, so pretty that they were voted the ‘Most Instagrammable Studio’ in the 2016 Best of Awards. You’ll walk in and immediately feel calmed by their bright, clean and inviting atmosphere. Once you get inside the cycling room, don’t let those pretty looks deceive you because you’re guaranteed a killer play list and sweat sesh every class. StudioHoppers go crazy over their theme ride classes, and most recently they had a Drake vs. Missy Elliot ride! #somuchfomo


5. Yoga Karma 

Who doesn’t love a blissful session of yoga? After a week’s worth of classes, StudioHoppers love nothing more than to stretch it out at Yoga Karma! It’s the best way to round out all the different movements you’re having your body do in all the different classes. 


6. Stone Oak Pilates 

Classical Pilates is one of the very few workouts where you’ll feel like you get done with class with longer and leaner legs and arms. They really focus on slow and strong movements and StudioHoppers can’t get enough of Stone Oak Pilates because they have such great instructors! The classes range from classic reformer level classes to combo classes like cycle/sculpt. Each class is low-impact and great for anyone interested in toning, developing long and lean muscles and strengthening their core.